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Illegal Alien Van Driver Arrested in Minnesota Schoolbus Tragedy
Open borders, bloody consequences.
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The local Fox affiliate in the Twin Cities finally confirms what the local papers didn’t seem to want to mention about the horrible school bus accident that killed four children. It didn’t have to happen:

Authorities have confirmed that the the driver of the van that struck the school bus that killed 4 students on Tuesday is an illegal alien.

Officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement are checking to see where she came from and how long she’s been in Minnesota. FOX 9 has also learned that the name she gave to police, Alainiss Morales, is an alias.

23-year-old Alainiss N. Morales was taken into custody on suspicion of criminal vehicular operation. She was arrested by the State Patrol Thursday afternoon and is being held in Lyon County Jail. County Attorney Rick Maes told the Marshall Independent charges could come later Thursday or Friday…The van was driven by Alianiss N. Morales, 23, of Minneota. The Fox 9 Investigator found Morales pleaded guilty in Chippewa County in 2006 to driving without a valid license.

State Patrol officials said Thursday they were not immediately able to confirm if Morales was unlicensed, nor could they confirm whether Morales ran a stop sign. Lt. Mark Peterson said that was still under investigation, but that the investigation was “moving forward very quickly.”

The school bus was carrying 28 students. Cottonwood Fire Chief Dale Louluagie confirmed that 3 fatalities of the crash died immediately upon impact and the fourth victim died around 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

Minneapolis is a sanctuary city. In 2003, the city voted to bar police from asking about immigration status or enforcing immigration laws. The mayor, R.T. Rybak, even asked federal agents to stop wearing vests labeled “police.” St. Paul and Worthington are also sanctuary cities.

Open borders, deadly consequences. When will they learn?

More questions:

What did “Morales’s” employer know about her illegal status and when did the employer know it?

Has she evaded deportation orders? How many?

What didn’t local police ask about her immigration status when she pleaded guilty to driving without a valid license two years ago–and will the parents of the schoolchildren hold officials accountable?


Read about the four children who died in the crash here.

They were:

* Hunter Javens, 9, Cottonwood.

* Jesse Javens, 13, Cottonwood (Hunter & Jesse were brothers)

* Emilee Olson, 9, Cottonwood

* Reed Stevens, 12, Marshall.

A memorial fund has been set up:

Memorial Fund for Families of Bus Crash Victims

United Southwest Bank

P.O. Box 288

Cottonwood, MN 56229

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