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Election Night Open Thread: Change-o-Rama! Update: McCain Takes WI, Vigorously Attacks Dem Rivals; Update: Obama's 9th Consecutive Win in WI; Update: Hillary Attacks Obama; Update: Obama Upstages Hillary..."Houston, I Think We Have Achieved Lift-Off!"; Obama Counterattacks McCain
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Scroll down for updates…9:39pm Eastern…Obama’s speaking…will anyone faint?…Here’s the McCain speech vid…and here’s the Obama/Hillary upstage moment

Wisconsin and Hawaii are up for grabs tonight in the Dem race. Will the plagiarism charges stick? Allah’s got vid of the latest developments involving Obama poaching Deval Patrick. How about the Michelle Factor?

Feel free to share your predictions, local reports, etc.


Update 7:20pm Eastern. Platitude frenzy! The People Want “Change:”

Preliminary exit poll results in the Wisconsin primaries underscore both differences and similarities between the two parties in the state.

Around nine in 10 voters, in both the Democratic and Republican contests, are white. But a substantial majority of Democratic voters are women, more than usual for a Wisconsin Democratic primary, while on the Republican side a substantial majority are men, considerably more than in most GOP primaries this year. (It’ll take updated data to see if that comes out as a high for the cycle.)

In the Democratic race, nearly half the voters are liberals — up from 2004.

Among Republican voters, six in 10 are conservatives. Both are in the mid-range for primaries this year.

The preliminary results also indicate that more seniors than usual are voting in the Democratic race — up from their 2004 level, and also potentially a high for Democratic voters this cycle, though again it’ll take final data later tonight to see that holds.

As in previous contests, the top issue for Democrats and Republicans alike is the economy — around four in 10 call it the most important issue facing the country. (It’s been considerably higher for Democrats in some other states.)

On candidate attributes, again as in the past, someone who can “bring about needed change” is tops by far for Democrats; among Republicans, as in previous primaries, it’s someone who “shares my values.”

Update 7:57pm Eastern.

Fox exit polls…on late-deciders among Dems, Obama leads Hillary 53-47.

54 percent of WI Dems believe Hill is attacking Obama unfairly.

34 believe Obama is attacking Hill unfairly.

80 percent say they would be satisfied if Obama were the nominee

On the GOP side in WI, 7 out of 10 Republicans are going with McCain over Huck, 53-39.

The spread among vets: 51-33 McCain over Huck.

Among evangelicals, Huck leads 59-35.

Among values voters, 54-31 going with McCain.

And he’s losing the very conservative Republican vote.

Update 9:02pm Eastern. CNN projects a McCain win in WI, as expected. Obama leads in WI, but no projection yet.

Update 9:08pm Eastern. McCain speaks in Ohio. He’s once again praising Mike Huckabee and reading his sing-songy teleprompter speech.

McCain attacks the “empty call for change” and the “holiday from history.”

Huge, huge applause.

Good lines about Cuba and the “self-important bully in Venezuela.”

Attacks Obama (not by name) for wanting to sit down with our enemies and talk. Attacks “moral monsters” behind jihad.

“My friends, I’m not the youngest candidate, but I am the most experienced. (


Big applause and he does a thumbs-up.) I know what the military can do, what it can’t do, and what it can do better. I know how Congress works. I know how the world works…how to work with those who want to make it more prosperous and free…and how to stand up to those who don’t…I don’t run out of sense of entitlement. I owe more to her than she has ever owed me…”

Update 9:25pm Eastern. CNN projects Obama win in WI. That’s nine straight gold medals in a row. And number ten is imminent in Obama’s home state of Hawaii.

Update 9:32pm Eastern. Hillary’s speaking in Youngstown, Ohio. She’s hammering her “We can’t have just speeches and words” attack. She looks haggard. Her voice is shot.

Oh, gack. She just played the woman card by recounting a young mom who gave her $10 “because she wanted her daughters to know that anything is possible.” Hillary also claims she received a donation from a man who is a “cranky conservative.”

Hillary brags about her foreign policy readiness. She “stood up to China.”

And pocketed their cash.

She’s ready for “day one.” Blah, blah.

Note: She’s attacking Obama, not McCain.

Update 9:38pm Eastern. Obama has upstaged Hillary. Started his speech in the middle of Hillary’s. Massive crowd and massive noise compared to Hillary’s little Youngstown crowd. Oh. no. The “Yes, We Can” chants are starting. He’s making a hard push for Texans to vote, explaining process. Announces win in Wisconsin. Massive applause.

No one has fainted yet.

Update 9:49pm Eastern. Obama tells a subprime sob story. I will be checking into the specifics of that case and asking the questions that need to be asked about it. I promise you.

Now, he’s recounting his anti-war bracelet story. Big applause.

Makes a crack about some people looking through her kindergarten papers. Huge applause. I’m not running out of entitlement. Running because of the “fierce urgency of now.” Huge applause.

Cheers again when Obama complains about gas prices.

10:01pm Eastern. Obama says “I believe in the free market,” then proceeds to bash the free market. Vows to roll back Bush tax cuts.

Update 10:16pm Eastern. “Some people say well, what about John McCain?” Boos. Says he honors and reveres his war record, but not his “failed economic policies.” Obama says he’s the “arty of tomorrow,” not the party of yesterday.

Segues to his hope rhetoric. Hope, hope, hope, hope. The meaning of hope.

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