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Nancy Pelosi's Priorities
Wedding bells.
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Why was Nancy Pelosi in such a hurry to adjourn Congress and skip town without dealing with vital national security matters related to the expiration of FISA?

According to Amanda Carpenter at Townhall, the buzz is that Pelosi had her own very vital personal matter that took priority:

Her daughter Christine’s wedding.

The Foundry reacts:

This morning we admonished the House for using their time to pass meaningless contempt citations instead of debating essential FISA revisions that are set to expire at midnight tonight. Now it turns out that House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) adjourned Congress early to rush home for her daughter’s wedding.

The Heritage Foundation highly values the institution of marriage, but when you are third in line for the Presidency your priorities really ought to lie with doing your public duty “to provide for the common defense.” This is why the House has zero credibility in asking for another 21 days on top of the 194 days they already have had to permanently bring FISA into the 21st century.

Christine Pelosi found time to chat with HuffPo, though, about her role as a superdelegate:

Christine Pelosi, daughter of the Speaker and (more notably at the moment) a superdelegate, warns of a massive disillusionment of voters should Democratic Party officials back a presidential nominee that didn’t win the pledged delegate vote.

“Many of us are elected by the grassroots of the party,” she said, “And I cannot imagine going home in November to those people and try to phone bank for someone who did not capture the [pledged delegate] vote… We were all galvanized by what happened to Al Gore in Florida.”

Pelosi, who has been a DNC member since 1996 and recently authored the book “Campaign Boot Camp,” acknowledged being petitioned heavily from campaign surrogates but declined to say whom she would support. She did, however, list different attributes upon which her superdelegate vote will be based: “Who is building a base of volunteers, who is bringing the party together – the best indicators of future performance.”

In her interview with the Huffington Post, she spoke freely and at length about some of the challenges facing the 796 superdelegates as the presidential nomination seemingly falls into their laps. What, for instance, should the party do about the primary elections in Michigan and Florida, which did not, according to DNC rules, carry any delegates, but which the victorious Hillary Clinton campaign is hoping to have counted?

“Of course they should be involved. I can’t imagine a scenario personally where they are not. The question is how?” said Pelosi. She then playfully suggested a novel idea: splitting the state’s delegates 50/50 to Obama and Clinton…

…Reflecting her mother’s remarks, Christine Pelosi also sought to debunk the perception that super delegates were just cigar smoking — “my mother won’t allow that” — backroom dealing, political bigwigs willing to trade their votes at the Democratic National Convention for patronage.

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