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Cartoon Riots, Part Deux; Update: Thousands of Hamas Jihadis Pile On; Rage Boy Returns
Eternal flame.
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The “youths” are baaaack. In Denmark, 17 “youths” were arrested for rioting over the re-publication of the Mohammed Cartoons. A photographer for the Jyllands-Posten, the brave paper that published the cartoons two years ago and re-printed them again this week after the arrest of jihadi plotters who targeted one of the cartoonists for murder, was injured:

Bands of youths set fire to cars and trash bins overnight in a fourth consecutive night of vandalism mostly in immigrant neighborhoods of the Danish capital, police said.

Seventeen people were arrested, Copenhagen Police spokesman Flemming Steen Munch said, adding police were not sure what sparked the violence.

Some observers said immigrant youths were protesting against perceived police harassment and suggested the reprinting of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in Danish newspapers Wednesday, may have aggravated the situation.

“They feel provocations and discrimination by the police that stop then now and then to check them,” Copenhagen social worker Khalid Al-Subeihi said. “It doesn’t make it easier when the cartoons come back again.”

The youths set dozens of fires in several districts of Copenhagen, torching cars and trash bins and in some cases hurling rocks at police.

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Newspaper Jyllands-Posten said one of its photographers received minor injuries when he was attacked by vandals in the Noerrebro district.

Gateway Pundit has much more.

And since it’s Friday, you can count on more agitation and violence after the mosques let out across Europe and the Middle East. The burning flames of perpetual outrage are eternal.


Hamas is on board:

Thousands of supporters of the Islamist group Hamas protested in the Gaza Strip on Friday against the reprinting of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad that sparked Muslim outrage two years ago.

Hamas, which controls the coastal Palestinian territory, demanded that the Danish cartoonist be brought to trial and that an official apology be made to Muslims. It urged an end to what it called organized campaigns to spread hatred of Islam.

“We are all a sacrifice to the Prophet Mohammad, our blood, our property and our families are all a sacrifice to him,” a Hamas activist shouted through a loudspeaker after Friday prayers in the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

Danish newspapers said they reprinted a cartoon showing the Prophet with a bomb in his turban in protest over a plot to murder the cartoonist. The original drawing published in September 2005 sparked criticism and riots in the Muslim world.

At least 4,000 Hamas supporters took part in the rally on Friday, many waving green Hamas flags and others holding banners condemning the cartoons and urging Muslims to take action against Denmark.

“Muslims must not be silent against these cartoons which are offensive to the great Prophet Mohammad,” one banner read.


The Mo Cartoons are a pretext, of course. Just as they were the first time around. We’ll need to look deeper. If you’ll recall, Iran was attempting to bully Denmark over the International Atomic Energy Agency’s decision to report Iran to the UN Security Council for continuing with its nuclear research program at the time the first cartoon riots spread.

Allahpundit’s wondering, too.


Rage Boy is back in the house.


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