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Potomac Primary Watch: Results Time; 8:33pm: Eastern Fox, CNN Call Va. for McCain; Update: Know-It-All Hillary Bashes Mortgage Companies, Oil Companies; Update: Obama, McCain Take Maryland; Obama Takes Shots at McCain, Bush, Cheney, and Obama's Hope Rhetoric as a "Platitude;" Huck Vows to "Play Until the Last Second Has Sounded"
"Winning ugly:" McCain exhales.
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Scroll down for updates…Md. gets 90 extra minutes to vote due to weather/traffic…closure time at 9:30pm…8:33pm: Eastern Fox, CNN call Va. for McCain…9:32pm Obama, McCain take Maryland…Huckabee will “play until the last second has sounded”…Obama wallops Clinton among women, Hispanics (52-47), all age groups…

The polls have just closed in Va. It’s “too close to call” in the GOP race in Va. Here’s the official Va.results page.

Black turnout in Md. may be at a record high today despite bad weather. Early exit poll data here. Take it with a sizable grain of salt, of course.

FYI, Fox just called Va. for Obama.

In D.C., Mayor Adrian Fenty–an overly fervent Obama supporter, flirts with electioneering violations.

Maybe someone should tell him to, you know, “calm down.”


Fox is touting early exit polls results showing conservatives–particularly talk radio listeners–rejecting McCain.

If that holds, how will all the talk radio-bashers explain it away? Talk radio is supposed to be dead and talk hosts are supposed to be powerless. Right?

Update 7:32pm Eastern. CNN says it’s currently 49-44 Huckabee over McCain in Va.

AP’s prelim exit poll data:

Nearly seven in 10 voters in Virginia’s Republican primary called themselves conservatives. Mike Huckabee won half of their votes, including two-thirds of those who called themselves “very conservative.” Four in 10 Virginia Republican voters were born-again evangelical Christians, and they strongly supported Huckabee over John McCain. Huckabee won the votes of two-thirds of those who said they were looking for a candidate who shared their values. McCain won the votes of two-thirds of moderates and almost half of those who called themselves “somewhat conservative.”

Voters who said they listened to conservative talk radio were more likely to vote for Huckabee, while non-listeners tended to support McCain. The more often people listened to conservative talk radio, the less likely they were to vote for McCain.

Update 8:21pm Eastern.


Update 8:33pm Eastern. Fox and then CNN both call the Va. race for McCain.

Love the subliminal message here from this Reuters photo


Update 9:15pm Eastern. Hillary’s speaking in El Paso, lambasting greedy mortgage companies, as usual.

Not that the, uh, GOP nominee would be saying anything different about the subprime debacle…now bashing oil companies…”Let’s create our own energy! We have the sun! We have the wind!”

Jeff Quinton continues to blog the Md. primary.

Update 9:44pm Eastern. Obama exults in his Potomac primary. It’s all about, yep, CHANGE.

“Tonight, we’re on our way…It takes more than one night, or even one election, to overcome money and the influence, bitter partisanship, petty bickering, that shut you out…the cynics can no longer say that are hope is false…we’ve won north and south, east and west, across the country…we have given young people a reason to believe and we have brought the young at heart back to the polls who wanna believe again…”

Obama thanks Republicans who support him and says thank you.


Obama honors McCain’s service, but not his agenda. Says Bush won’t be the ballot (loudest applause). Says “his cousin Dick Cheney” won’t be on the ballot (laughter). “I opposed this war from the start.” (Huge applause.) Mentions McCain’s comment that we might be in Iraq for 100 years (boos).

Some people will say I have my head in the clouds…that I have false hope…that I’m a ‘hope-monger’…I should not be here today. I was not born into money or status. I was born to a teenage mom in Hawaii. My father left us when I was 2. But my family gave me love, education, and most of all, hope…Hope is not blind optimism. Hope is not ignorance of the barriers and challenges that stand between you and your dreams. I know how hard it will be to change America…if it was easy, it would have already been done…Obama bashes Exxon Mobil…

Update 10:07pm Eastern. McCain’s reading from the teleprompter. It’s a new speech and he is not very comfortable reading it. He’s got this weird, sing-song-y delivery that doesn’t match the seriousness of his scripted message.

“The American people don’t send us to Washington to serve our self-interest, but to serve theirs.”

It’s a variation on the “patriotism not profit” theme.

“We’re the makers of history, not its victims.” (Loud applause and chants.)

Stealing Obama’s thunder: “Hope is a powerful thing.” References his days in captivity. “My hope for my country resides in my faith in America’s character.” Assails empty rhetoric of hope as a “platitude.”

He’s right, of course.

But if he plans on beating Obama in the general election, he better work on his delivery.

Sidenote: Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist is up on stage with the other McCainiacs. He is still very, very orange. Oompa-loompa orange.

Update 10:24pm Eastern. Huck refuses to go.

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