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Hey, What About Our Fence? Update: Do Your Congresscritters Know About the Mexico Stimulus Plan?
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After contacting several congressional staffers yesterday about the $1.4 billion stimulus/border security package for Mexico that I reported on yesterday, I can tell you this:

We’re screwed.

None of the staffers I contacted had even heard of it.

You might want to call them and suggest they get up to speed.

Capitol switchboard number: 202-224-3121.

Meantime, how’s our fence doing? It’s not doing anything. The enviro-zealots continue to stand in the way. Per the Arizona Republic:

The government plans to add 11 miles of border fence in Arizona this year, far fewer than what was built last year.

For months the government has been mum about much of its plans, but details emerged in recently released environmental assessments. Those documents, the first step in fence-building, reveal officials’ plans to add 7 miles of fence east of Nogales and 4 miles along the Colorado River, using a combination of pedestrian fence, vehicle barrier and access road improvements.

The effort is being criticized by two sides.

Environmentalists say the Department of Homeland Security is threatening endangered animals by ignoring environmental laws to build barriers across their habitats.

“I’m really now very concerned about an ecological disaster by blocking off this border,” said Kim Vacariu, western director of the Wildlands Project.

Pro-fence activists, on the other hand, accuse the DHS of backing off its obligations by not building enough pedestrian fencing and not double-layering it.

They say more fence is critical in a state that remains the most active pot- and human-smuggling route on the entire U.S.-Mexican border.

Glenn Spencer, founder of American Border Patrol, says the government cares more about open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants than building the fence.

“Where the smuggling is really serious, they’re not building anything,” Spencer said.

As for “ecological disaster,” what do you call this?

Flashback, Arizona Daily Star, July 2006…


How about sending Mexico the clean-up bill before offering them a single penny to pay for their border security?


Update from reader Brandon:

Thanks to your post yesterday about the Merida Initiative, I called both of my Senators and my Rep (in Missouri) this morning, and got pretty much the same reaction as you. The offices of McCaskill and Graves had never heard of it, so I shared a summary of what you’d posted and informed them I would be furious with any support of this action. I also suggested that someone needs to call out the White House, because regardless of party, this is unacceptable.

Kit Bond’s office, however, knew exactly what I was talking about. I’m not sure if Bond is on a committee that is in the picture or what, but he’s clearly got some kind of insider track that the others don’t have.

Just thought you might want to know.

Brandon C.

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