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Huck Challenges Wash. State Results
"Bad judgment."
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Fox News embed Fin Gomez is reporting that Mike Huckabee wants a “full investigation” of the Wash. state primary results:

Fox News has learned that the Huckabee campaign has called for a “full investigation” into the Washington State Caucus results, and are sending campaign lawyers to the state to help in that pursuit. Ed Rollins, Huckabee campaign chairman, directly challenged Washington State GOP Chairman Luke Essers move in anounncing that John McCain had won the tight race with only 87.2 percent of the votes counted.

“The chairman showed very bad judgment in stopping the voting last night when announcing John McCain had won, when there was less that a 200 vote margin between the two candidates,” Rollins told Fox in an exclusive interview.” You never announce a vote, in my 40 years of politics I have never know anybody to announce a vote count before the vote is counted.”

McCain led with 26 percent of the delegates to Huck’s 24 percent.

If something fishy happened, it should be exposed.

I will add this, though: Imagine if it were Romney challenging the Wash. results and continuing to press on with his campaign instead of Huck.

Can you imagine the recriminations and ad hominem attacks that would come his way for refusing to step down and fall in line and “close ranks?”

Yet, none of that has been directed at McCain’s good friend, Huckabee, who’s playing hardball and amassing his power base for the future.

Interesting dynamics at play here, no?

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