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A Protest at the "Vagina Warriors Award" Ceremony
Protest Code Pink.
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Following up on Code Pink’s attack on the Marine recruitment center in Berkeley, my friends at Gathering of Eagles are mobilizing against the Pinkos elsewhere across the country. If you’re in the Maryland area, check this one out:

Are you outraged at what Berkeley has done to our Marine Corps?

Do you wish you could tell them how you feel?

Well a unique opportunity has arisen on short notice to confront the founders of Code Pink the communist insurgent group that is responsible for the Berkeley Insult to the United States Marine Corps. All three of the founders, Medea Benjamin, Gael Murphy and Jodie Evans will be at Carroll Community College in Westminster, MD, next Saturday, February 16th, to recieve ‘Vagina Warriors Awards’ from the Women in Black.

This is the perfect opportunity for us all to show how appreciative we are of their efforts to slander our military and our Marines!

Who: Code Pink founders

What: Vagina Warrior Awards

Where: Carroll Community College Ampitheatre

1601 Washington Rd

Westminster, MD 21157

Map Link:

When: Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gather at 6:00pm to greet attendees as they enter.


Related: In case you missed it, Sen. Jim DeMint’s office put out an excellent video yesterday on the Berkeley troop-bashers:

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