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The Latest on the Siege at Berkeley
"Horrible karma."
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In case you missed all the most recent developments in the siege at Berkeley, check here.

Move America Forward and GOP Sen. Jim DeMint have tirelessly taken up the cause. Check out his website, He sums up the outrage well:

Berkeley, California is probably a very nice place to live, but the recent action of their City Council has consequences. To spit in the eyes of the United States Marine Corps will not stand. We shouldn’t allow cities to play silly games at our troops’ expense — during a time of war — and continue to shower them with special taxpayer handouts.

That is why I will propose legislation rescinding Berkeley’s earmarks and transferring the funds to the Marine Corps.

Over $2 million was secretly tucked away for Berkeley earmarks in the 2008 Omnibus Appropriations bill. These were projects that were never even voted on or debated. Two of the earmarks provide gourmet school lunches in the Berkeley School District, while our hard working Marines eat basic MRE’s.

Let me be clear, my bill does not make the rescission of these earmarks contingent upon the Council changing its decision, or any future action. It does not cut off all Federal funds to the City of Berkeley.

Meanwhile, the Marines will continue to bring peace, security, and freedom to the citizens of Berkeley, whether they like it or not. There is a well known slogan outside the Marine Air Base in Beaufort, SC warning passersby of the jets’ loud noises. The slogan says, “The noise you hear is the sound of freedom.”

The irony is the Marines are glad to do it and that is why most Americans are so proud of them.

If you haven’t watched the video of the Berkeley City Council meeting, you need to see it.

Go here.

You can hear Berzerkeley City Council members and Mayor Tom Bates inveighing that “Marines are the President’s own gangsters… they are trained killers.” Another councilmember by phone then says that the Marines are known for “death and destruction…and maiming” and they give America “horrible karma.” At around 1:08-ish into the video, Councilman Gordon Wozniak provides the only sane moment in opposing Code Pink’s special privileges. His statement runs about four minutes. Make sure to watch the whole thing.


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