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Western Feminists Feeling the Heat?
Necks on the line.
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Cinnamon Stillwell reports that feminists are feeling pressure from critics of jihad and sharia to speak up about the oppression of women in Muslim culture:

Now it seems the Western feminist movement is starting to feel the heat. An open letter penned by Katha Pollitt of The Nation on behalf of “American Feminists” has been circulating throughout the Internet expressing the movement’s rejection of said criticism and its alleged commitment to fighting for “women in the developing and/or Muslim world.” Over 700 of the feminist movement’s leading lights, including at least one Middle East studies professor (a sphere notorious for being more anti-Western than anti-sexism), have signed the letter so far.

David Horowitz, the originator of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week (which brought speakers to U.S. college campuses to address this very topic, among others) has responded to Pollitt’s open letter at Frontpage Magazine. Along with Islam scholar Robert Spencer, Horowitz seems to feel that the letter can only be evidence that all the criticism is beginning to have an effect. And I suspect as much myself. Whether or not this produces results, and not simply declarations of indignation, remains to be seen.

One thing’s for sure, the crimes against Muslim women and the threat to all women’s rights from the encroachments of Sharia law, demand action, not just words.

How about answering Phyllis Chesler’s call?

Or donations to the reward fund to find fugitive accused double-murderer/honor killer Yaser Abdel Said?

It would be a start.

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