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Fred Speaks: "Stand Strong;" Update: "Like a Funeral"
Still in. For now.
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Update 8:45pm Eastern. “Like a funeral.”

From Columbia, SC. Is this the end? Liveblogging…:

“Well, it may be early to declare victory…awkward pause..”

“Speaking from his heart to thank his supporters…We will always be bound by a close bond…we have traveled a special road together for a very special purpose…It’s never been about me. Not even about you. It’s about our country, our party’s role in that future…and because of your efforts…our party has to look into the mirror and decide where it’s going…who it is…”

“…we need to deserve to lead. That’s what this is all about. Deserving to lead.”

Fox cuts away from Thompson because of audio problems. Switching to another cable network…

“…stepping up to the plate, stepping up to do the right thing…the rule of law…” Extolling market economy, federalism, principle that we don’t spend money that we do not have…”

Ends a standard stump speech:

“I’m proud to stand with you. Stand strong together. We’ll always stand strong. Stand strong.”

Sounded like a non-withdrawal withdrawal speech. Just a matter of time…


Latest county results exit polls via CNN:

McCain 12,914 35%

Huckabee 10,635 29%

Romney 5,591 15%

Thompson 5,195 14%

Paul 1,480 4%

Giuliani 951 3%

Hunter 72 0%

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