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To Michigan and Beyond
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Update: What wrecked Detroit and Michigan? Tom Bethell has answers.

Update: Low, 20 percent turnout expected.

Update: Go see one of my all-time favorite, coffee-spewing Allah photoshops of Hillary here.

Update: Drudge is calling the race “The Real American Idol.” He’s got the wrong analogy. American Idol is too orderly.

This is a WWF Superwrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge.


David Freddoso has a thorough look at the wide-open GOP primaries through Super Tuesday. The one thing this presidential horse race is not is boring. As much as I’ve griped about the deficiencies in the field, I do have to say that I prefer this process to the early coronation of a single candidate (e.g., Bush in 2000). Freddoso writes:


-Even a win in Michigan next Tuesday cannot guarantee McCain anything further. He will probably do poorly in Nevada next Saturday and South Carolina will at least be a challenge.

-Although it appears unlikely, no one can yet rule out a Florida resurrection by Rudy Giuliani.

-Mike Huckabee could win Michigan and South Carolina, and then dominate the South on February 5, but is likely to lose badly throughout the West and the Northeast.

-Mitt Romney could still win in Nevada next Saturday — a state with more delegates than either Michigan or South Carolina. He could keep it close or even stay ahead in the delegate count with a “second-place-everywhere-until-Super-Tuesday” strategy, since most of the early states award delegates proportionally or by congressional district.

-And while it seems doubtful, it’s conceivable that Fred Thompson could win South Carolina after his debate performance.

In other words, the race remains uncertain. So many unsatisfactory candidates, and so many that remain potentially viable even now. This, plus the geography of the upcoming primaries, could be a recipe for continued turbulence.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Obama and Hillary are making some sort of peace.

Hillary thinks the White House is like jail.

Christopher Hitchens savaged The Glacier.

Mark Levin savaged The Maverick.

And the Green Party held its nutball convergence in San Francisco (where else?)

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