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The Democrat Food Fight in Nevada; Update: Denny K Is Out; Update Clinton on Obama Race Flap: "We Both Have Exuberant and Uncontrollable Supporters;" Update: "What's a White Male to Do Running Against a Woman and a Black Man?"; Update: Heckler Complains About "Race-Based Questions;" Update: It's Confession!
"Poor John."
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Update 11:23am Eastern 1/16. Here’s the full transcript of the soporific debate. I get sleepy just thinking about it.


Update 11:08pm Eastern. Last update of the night: I mentioned the hard-out-here-for-a-white-man lament involving John Edwards that elicited Hillary’s “Poor John” comment. Here’s the vid courtesy of Hot Air:

I smell a 3-6 Mafia spoof coming on. Anyone?


1obhill.jpg 1 0:58pm Eastern. Dumb closing question: When did the candidates decide to run for president. Who cares?

The next time I have insomnia, I’ll just play a tape of this debate. I’ll be knocked out in 90 seconds.


Update 10:50pm Eastern. Back from a commercial break. Looks like I’m not the only one dozing off. Williams can’t even remember where he is. Candidates laugh. Russert corrects him. Yeah, dude: You’re in Las Vegas.

Hillary gets questioned about her Gordon Brown/terrorist attack remarks. Obama takes umbrage at her use of the anecdote as a challenge to his experience.

Update 10:43pm Eastern. Clinton and Obama back off radical gun control measures–registering and licensing. Obama wants 2nd Amendment respected while cracking down on illegal guns.

Update 10:40pm Eastern. Edwards wants universal pre-K. Eyes. Glazing. Over.

Update 10:35pm Eastern. Hillary’s turn. She gets a question about the black-brown divide–will Hispanics refuse to vote for blacks. Obama: “Not a problem in Illinois. They all voted for me.” (Laughter.)

Obama warbles about “comprehensive immigration reform.” Today, they’ve all replaced “change” with “comprehensive.”




Yadda times three.

No one asks Hillary about her insipid “No woman is illegal” refrain.

Update 10:33pm Eastern. Williams to Edwards: Why not require English as official language? Edwards yammers about the need for a “path to citizenship.”

Edwards: “People who want to become citizens should learn to speak English. That should be a requirement.”

Hey, Sherlock, it’s already a requirement.

Update 10:22pm Eastern. Some local pandering now. Obama will end Yucca Mountain. Hillary’s against it more than anyone else….Hillary drones on about her “comprehensive energy plan…We can do this, America.”


Update 10:15pm Eastern. Interesting question from Russert. He asks Hillary if she’ll vigorously enforce the Solomon amendment, which requires universities that get federal funds to allow military recruiters on campus. She says she will. Alert Code Pink and the anti-recruiter moonbats.

Obama says he will support the law. I don’t think he really knows what it is.

Edwards says he will support it.

Yet, we’ve heard not a word from these three about the campuses that continue to defy the law and the seditious leftists who’ve declared campus wars on recruiters.

Edwards changes the subject to troops living under bridges.

Update 10:00pm Eastern. Ok. Now the candidates get to question each other. Edwards promises he won’t be “preachier or holier than thou.”


He asks Obama why special interests give him money. Obama: “I don’t money from federal lobbyists and PACs.” Edwards: “I don’t either.” People are inspired by my message of change. “I’ve raised more money from small donors than anyone else…I alone of the candidates here have taken away the power of lobbyists…law I passed this year…on bundling disclosure…” Pushes public financing of campaigns.

Clinton asks Obama to “join me in doing something.” We both want to convince Bush to end the war in Iraq, to change direction.


“We have to everything we can to prevent Bush from tying hands of Congress…mentions legislation…co-sponsor to reign in Bush so he doesn’t commit the next president to his policy…”

Obama agrees. “I think we can work together on that.”

Well, that ends that.

Williams: Would Edwards and Hillary join an Obama pledge to withdraw from Iraq? All agree.

Russert points out they wouldn’t agree to a withdrawal guarantee pledge last year. They all start chattering about the date.

Obama spontaneoulsy starts to question Edwards, which apparently prevents him from asking Hillary a planned question. Oops.

Update 9:55pm Eastern. Obama reels off all the breaks he’ll give homeowners. Knocks Hillary’s friendship with Warren Buffett.

Hillary continues her subprime mortgage seminar. She’s going to stabilize the housing market, she’s going to have a $30 billion fund for states to prevent foreclosures and make up for property tax receipt slowdowns, money in the pockets for those who can’t pay their energy bills.

Miss Smarty Pants is going to fix it all. Just like she did with health care!

She mentions “green collar jobs” for the second time.

Update 9:49pm Eastern. Criminey. Edwards wants a $9.50 indexed minimum wage.

Russert asks Clinton if she regrets some vote.


Will Russert make her say 10 Hail Marys now?

Clinton panders to racial and ethnic minorities. They’re hit hardest by subprime crunch. Blah blah.

Ergo: Keep housing prices high!

Update 9:47pm Eastern. Russert to Edwards: Do you regret your bankruptcy bill vote? “I absolutely do.”

Every other question includes the words “Do you regret?”

I’m telling you: Russert and Williams are acting like Catholic priests in the confession booth.

Update 9:40pm Eastern. Hillary gives a seminar on the subprime crisis. Housing Czarina to the rescue! “The administration is doing very little.”

Bull. They’re following right (left) in your footsteps, Hill.

Update 9:34pm Eastern. Williams brings up the Muslim and pledge of allegiance attacks. Obama: “In the Internet age, there are going to be lies that are spread all over the place…these e-mails were going out in Iowa and New Hampshire and we did just fine.”


But no mention of Jeremiah Wright.

Update 9:30pm Eastern. All the candidates get the beauty pageant-style question asking them to identify their greatest strength and greatness weakness. Obama can’t keep track of paper. Silky is emotional. Hillary is impatient.

Zzzzzzzzz. I thought this was going to be interesting. I was wrong.

Update 9:25pm Eastern. Hillary ticks off foreclosure rates, uninsured rates, blah, blah. Calls Bush “pathetic” for begging the Saudis to lower oil prices.

Like she would do any differently.

“The voters will have to imagine us as commander-in-chief.”


Update 9:23pm Eastern. There’s a heckler complaining about race-based questions. Well, it’s a race-based debate format. Reap what you sow.

Update 9:22pm Eastern. Williams asks Edwards if he regrets appearing to have double-teamed Hilary with Obama.

Geez again. Is this confession or what?

Update 9:19pm Eastern. Williams asks Obama if he regrets his “You’re likeable, enough, Hillary” remark. Obama says he does.


Update 9:18pm Eastern. Question for Edwards: “What’s a white male to do running against a woman and a black man?”

Laughter. Hillary snorts: “Poor John.”

Gag me.

Update 9:15pm Eastern. Several references already to the foreclosure crisis. John Edwards is a non-entity so far. Clinton and Obama have put their knives down. Zzzzz.

Update 9:12pm Eastern. Russert asks Obama if he believes the Bradley effect was at work in New Hampshire. Answer: “No.”

Update 9:10pm Eastern. Russert asks Obama if he feels responsible for “pushing” the race story. Obama blames supporters and staff.


Update 9:04pm Eastern. A whole bunch of minority groups are co-sponsoring the MSNBC debate. A Hispanic group, the 100 Black Men group, etc., etc., etc. NBC news reader Natalie Morales gets to sit in with Brian Williams and Tim Russert. Williams kicks off with Clinton and the MLK mess: How did we get here?

Clinton: “Obama and I agree that neither race nor gender should be a part of this campaign.”

Except when they want to milk their race and gender when it’s electorally convenient.

Clinton: “We both have exuberant and uncontrollable supporters. We’re all family in the Democrat party…”

Clinton: “All of us are here because of what MLK did.”

Obama: “I think Hillary said it well…”


Obama: “One of the premises of my campaign…is that we can’t solve these challenges unless we can come together as a people…Our party has stood for that…”

Update 8:57pm Eastern. Here’s more on the court ruling allowing MSNBC to bar Denny K: “An hour before the debate, the state Supreme Court’s unanimous order said that blocking the debate unless Kucinich got to participate would be “an unconstitutional prior restraint” on the news network’s First Amendment rights. The justices also said the lower court exceeded its jurisdiction by ordering Kucinich’s participation even though he first requested and was denied relief from the Federal Communications Commission.”

Update 8:36pm Eastern. Commenter fred5676’s question for Hill…

Question for Hillary: “Do you agree with Nevada DMV policy of not accepting California drivers license without additional proof of ID for new NV applicants, because NV says the CA license is less secure?

Update 8:25pm Eastern: The Las Vegas Sun reports that Denny K is sitting it out.


The Democrat debate on MSNBC begins at 9pm Eastern.

I’ll keep an eye on both the debate and the primary. There will be plenty of pandering to minority communities. Keep an ear out especially for illegal alien pandering and housing bailout chatter.

Barring an appeal, Denny K will be on stage. Will he behave? Will Hillary and Obama be able to shake each other’s hand? Should be one of the more entertaining Dem forums.

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