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The Worldwide Anti-Gitmo Protests
Orange crush.
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Photo via Yahoo! News

I told you yesterday about the anti-Guantanamo Bay “Wear Orange” campaign scheduled for today. It’s a worldwide event, with anti-American zealots using Gitmo as a pretext to vent all their hatred at our military and our nation–and play dress-up with their orange jumpsuits. They’re demonstrating in Australia, Ireland, the Philippines, Sweden, Ireland, Bahrain, Paraguay, and elsewhere.

Today, I’d like to thank the men and women who serve at Guantanamo Bay–for enduring unhinged abuse not only at the hands of protesters, but also at the hands of manipulative detainees who have played the American left and Western media for fools. I’m reprinting a letter I received two years ago from the father of a soldier who served at Gitmo:

I just watched you on FOX. My daughter was in Gitmo for a year as a Master-at- Arms, E4. (10/04-10/05) She was injured several times by the inmates assaulting her physically. In addition, she knew that when she was doing her job by enforcing the rules, she was threatened by the prisoners if she had to touch them. They would get her. They mixed a cocktail of urine, feces, and semen, and let it fester for days until the right moment. They warned her that she was a target and then they got her, she was assaulted several times by loads of crap thrown at her.

She had to undergo shots to prevent what diseases that she was exposed to. I don’t know why we have women guarding men, especially these animals, but that is the policy. My daughter is a tough cookie and can handle herself. In her year there she did not dishonor herself or our country. When she returned home she had a DVD of Gitmo. They made fresh bread every day!! Part of it showed how the chef’s prepared special meals for the prisoners. If a prisoner refused food the guards were happy to sample the Chicken, rice pilaf, yogurt and fresh baked pita bread, while our guys had crap food from the mess or had to buy it from Burger King.


As part of her duties, in the last month she was there, she was assigned to the hospital ward. She had to force feed those a..holes who offed themselves the other day. They were the meanest of the bunch and had to be tied down to get their food. My daughter and other personnel voluntarily submitted themselves to the force feeding procedure also so that they could do it with the least pain for the captives. It was very unpleasant for her but it helped her and others to understand how to participate in it with the least stress for the recipients. The goal was to keep them alive. She feels that the suicides would not have happened on her watch, but it was going to happen eventually. These guys are warriors. By their death they have achieved a military success in the political world. The media marches on.

If you know someone who has served there or family members of troops who have served there, make sure to give them your support today.

In about an hour, the moonbats will be marching to the Supreme Court to hold a “funeral…remembering the four men who died in custody at Guantanamo and mourning the death of Habeas Corpus.”

Have they ever held memorial services for the servicemen and women who have died at the hands of the jihadi masterminds being held at Gitmo?

No, no, I didn’t think so.

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