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Nanny Bloomberg: Cheez-Its for Me, But Not for Thee
Trans-fat hypocrisy.
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1cheez.jpg Among many other meddling government measures, Nanny NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg–who is mulling an independent bid for president–is infamous for banning trans-fats in city restaurants. He’s a zealot when it comes to everyone’s eating habit except his own. On Wednesday, Newsday pointed out a photo Bloomberg reaching for a bag of Cheez-Its:

They may be too unhealthy for regular New Yorkers to eat, but not so for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, apparently.

After gaining national media attention for spearheading an almost total ban on trans fats in city restaurants starting last July, Bloomberg was photographed in this month’s issue of Wired magazine munching on those very same dangerous fats.

The photo, which accompanies a short Q&A about technology and politics, features Bloomberg at his City Hall desk, looking thoughtful and serious. Meanwhile, his right hand is seen almost absent-mindedly pulling a Cheez-It out of a single-serving bag of the crackers.

The reader can only assume that the baked snack cracker is headed for the mayor’s mouth, and along with it some of the half-gram of trans fat found in every serving of Cheez-Its.

The mayor’s food choice directly counters the guidance of his own Department of Health, which specifies on its Web site that “there is no safe level of artificial trans fat consumption.” The site also points out that trans fats are responsible for at least 500 deaths in the city every year from heart disease.

The mayor’s office attempted to split hairs–and fat grams and packaging, as it were–when questioned by the NYTimes:

In response to questions today, Jason Post, a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg, emphasized Mr. Bloomberg’s public stances — not his personal eating habits. Mr. Post said in a statement: “The New York City trans fat ban has allowed New Yorkers to enjoy healthier foods without any change in taste or in price. For packaged foods subject to federal rules, the mayor supported the labeling of foods that have trans fat in them so consumers can make informed food choices.”

Uh-huh. Let’s face it. Nanny Bloomberg’s unmistakable message is this: “Cheez-Its for me, but not for thee.”

Not long now before snack vending machines are banned on NYC government property.

This guy wants to be president.

Someone should dress up as a big Cheez-It and follow Bloomberg around in protest of his meddling health policies like the chicken that followed George H.W. Bush in 1992 or the Flipper dolphin that shadowed Mitt Romney at CPAC last year.

Any volunteers?

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