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Choose or Lose? A Look at Two Possible GOP Ticket Pairings
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In case you missed all the fun last night, my liveblogging of the SC GOP debate is here. Reader Rick e-mailed his reaction to the debate and disagrees with my assessment of Mitt Romney’s performance (I thought it was lackluster).

I love your work. You are one of my favorites, but I didn’t see Romney as the big loser at all. I saw Huckabee struggle with a few of his liberal positions and McCain still refuses to admit he was wrong pertaining to amnesty and that he has now CHANGED to a border-first mentality. I agree Romney doesn’t come with the jovial personality as does Huckabee, but his answers on economics and foreign policy were extremely good. I give Fred Thompson the victory tonight because for once he brought his A game. I do agree Romney has lost the front-runner status and the field is wide open. They all made some good points tonight, but Go Mitt!!

Rick sends these two photos from the debate…



…and asks:

You know the saying “Birds of a feather flock together”? I pulled these pictures off the internet. These candidates might have been standing next to each other on the stage, but these groupings are very interesting to me. I see two teams forming out there. A moderate McCain/Huckabee ticket vs. the conservative Romney/Thompson ticket.

If these were the choices, which GOP ticket would you prefer?

Which GOP ticket do you like better?
Ugh. None of them.
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