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80 Anti-Gitmo Protesters Arrested at Supreme Court
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John Lilyea has a photo essay and video from the anti-Gitmo protest at the Supreme Court. Eighty demonstrators, many clad in those left-wing fashionable orange jumpsuits, were arrested. John filmed some of the marchers reading Gitmo detainee poetry obtained and published by the pro bono lawyers for jihad–subsidized, as Debra Burlingame has reported, by Arab governments. Take a look:

The arrests, writes John, were “carefully crafted:”

While I was taking pictures behind the podium, one guy ran up to another and said “OK, the police want to go ahead and arrest them now”. That was a pretty good hint to me.

We held a Gitmo poetry contest back in June. If anyone feels freshly inspired, feel free to leave your verse.

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