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The Delegate Count...And Exit Poll Summary
Tally sheet.
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Updated delegate count numbers at Power Line.


Just fyi, via AP:

NH Dems

Clinton – 9

Obama – 9

Edwards -4


McCain – 7

Romney – 4

Huckabee – 1

Overall numbers:


Clinton – 187 delegates

Obama – 89

Edwards – 50


Huckabee – 31 delegates

Romney – 19 delegates

McCain – 7

Via comments, CNN’s updated delegate count:



While we’re tallying things up, here’s the Denny K vs. Fred comparison. Ouch.

And here are a few tidbits I found most interesting from the AP/TV network exit polls:

* Rudy’s 9/11 edge is gone. According to AP, 8 in 10 GOP voters say they are worried about another terrorist attack in the U.S. “Republicans expressing worry were split about evenly between McCain and Romney.” Rudy — Mr. 9/11–got only about one in 10 of their votes. “Obama and Clinton split the worried vote about evenly.”

* Immigration enforcement voters in the GOP are going with Romney. AP reports that “[h]alf of Republicans said illegal immigrants should be deported, and this group leaned toward Romney. Those saying they should be allowed to apply for citizenship, or preferring that they be allowed to stay as temporary workers, gave McCain an edge.” AP says “Romney led among voters most concerned about immigration, getting more than half their votes.”

* The unhinged vote.

AP reports: “Six in 10 Democrats said they are angry at the Bush administration. About one in seven Republicans said they feel the same way, and of that group, nearly four in 10 supported McCain and more than a quarter backed Texas Rep. Ron Paul. Only about one in 10 Republicans said they were enthusiastic about Bush.”

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