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Those Debate Rating Doo-Hickey Thingy Things
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Here are two screenshots from Frank Luntz’s focus group, which used those debate rating doo-hickey thingy things. That’s my technical term for those live reaction ratings. ūüėČ

Anyway, Luntz was rather excited over two moments when Mitt Romney sent the rating doo-hickey thing things through the roof. The yellow line represents the self-identified conservative voters in the group. The blue line represents self-identified moderates in the group. The first shot is reaction when Romney gave his “Washington is broken” remarks:


The second shot is reaction when Romney blasted McCain’s support of amnesty:


Make of it what you will.

I’d like to see what happens to the doo-hickey ratings whenever one of the candidates–GOP or Dem–says “Change.”


Allah’s got the vid clip of Luntz’s focus group reax.

Scott Johnson scores this bout for Romney. Check his scorecard at Power Line.

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