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Saturday Night Jive: the New Hampshire Debates; Round Two - Dem Candidates; Update: Hillary Turns Shrill-Ary; Edwards: "Forces of Status Quo"= Hillary; Unlikeable? Hillary's Feelings Are Hurt
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Update: 11:20pm Eastern. Via Hot Air, here’s more fun debate vid of Chill-ary/Shrill-ary/Force Of Status Quo vs. the True Agents of Change.

Update 10:35pm Eastern. Here’s vid of Hillary’s boo-freaking-hoo moment. Final question: Gibson asks the candidates what moments they’d take back. Hill’s now musing that there are “one or two moments” in past debates that she’d take back. She finally says something I agree with: “Republicans have a totally different approach to how they would solve things.” Yeah. Richardson would take back his Whizzer White endorsement. Edwards would take back his fashion critique of Hillary. Obama recycles Hillary’s line about the GOP/Dem contrast. It’s over. Obama gives Hill a quick, awkward handshake and backslap:


Update 10:23pm Eastern. Richardson is giving another “can’t we all get along/I’ve been a governor/I’ve been Energy Secretary” speech. What a whingeing windbag.

Commenter DougT made me snort up some Red Bull: “I have to disagree with the notion that the Hill is skrieking. After B.O., she has the next deepest voice of the panel. I’m going with bellowing. Did you all know that Richardson has experience as a governor?”

Update 10:15pm Eastern. Hillary launches another grenade at Obama over lobbyists. Says one of his campaign co-chairs is a pharma lobbyist. Gibson challenges change rhetoric. Everyone starts yammering. Hillary shrieks about change during her husband’s tenure. Shriekshriekshriek!

Update 10:00pm Eastern. Back to Hillary…WMUR guy asks her about likeability. Message: You’re not likeable. HRC: “Well, that hurts my feelings.” (Laughter) So staged. So fake. Awwwww. All together now: Boo-freaking-hoo.

Obama cracks: “You’re likeable enough, Hillary.”

WMUR guy asks Obama to respond to GOP attacks on Obama in earlier debate. “I have to admit – I was going back and forth between the debate and football.” (Laughter.) Hah. Just like Bryan.

FWIW, here’s a wire report on Hill’s attack on Obama changing positions.

And here’s vid of a Bill “Mr. Foreign Policy Experience” Richardson gaffe.

Update 9:54pm Eastern. First commercial break. Bill Richardson jumped right out of his seat to get away from Shrill-ary.

Update 9:43pm Eastern. Shrill-ary’s calmed down for the moment. Gibson asks her about the surge. HRC: “It’s time to bring the troops home…as quickly and reasonably as possible. George Bush doesn’t intend to bring them home…I will.” Richardson: “The policy is a massive failure.” Gibson: All of you wanted troops home last year. Obama: “It was a mistake to go in from the start…we have not made ourselves safer…”

Update 9:38pm Eastern. Hillary’s screech-o-meter is through the roof. She is pissed–I know, I’ve used that word again, but that’s the only proper description–at John Edwards. Look. Meee-OW:




Update 9:27pm Eastern. Gibson invites dialogue between Hillary and Obama on change and experience. Here we go…

Hill: We’re all advocating for change. Goals, principles. Part of what this primary process is all about is to look at our records. Obama could have a pretty good debate with himself, as the AP put it. (She is saying “you know” a lot. Nervous and elliptical.) I have no problem with whatever scrutiny comes my way.

Obama: I have been entirely consistent on my position on health care. He takes her attack straight on.

Hill: You have a mandate that parents cover children. You stop short on universal health care mandate. You’ve changed positions over three years. Patriot Act, funding for Iraq war. Looks like she has gotten an energy boost.

Obama wants to respond. I have no problem with you pointing out differences. On parental health care mandate, children don’t have a choice. I believe adults will choose coverage if it is affordable.

These are all good public servants (referring to candidates). But it’s important not to distort. People are looking at folks who are straight about the issues.

John Edwards: Both Obama and I are powerful voices for change. We finished one and two in Iowa. The forces of status quo attack (chiding Clinton for attacking Obama). Every time we speak for change, the forces of status quo strike.

“Forces of status quo” = Hillary Clinton. I didn’t hear these attacks from Sen. Clinton when she was ahead.

Hillary’s got her back up. Change is about working hard! I’ve made change! ChangeChangeChangeChangeChangeChangeChangeChange!!!!!


Update 9:23pm Eastern. Hillary looks tired. She needs a Red Bull.


Round One is here. Now, it’s the Dems’ turn.

First question is on nuke terrorism. Gibson asks Obama if he stands by statement that he’d invade Pakistan if necessary.

Gibson: What you’ve just outlined is the Bush doctrine.

Obama: No. bin Laden is in Pakistan. This is not speculation. Make sure we strike anyone who would do America harm as long as we have actionable intelligence.

John Edwards tries on his superhero costume. He’ll go after bin Laden.

Waiting for the Smartest Woman in the World to answer…

Richardson says he’d try “diplomacy.” Wow. Hillary looks really pissed–sorry, it’s the only word that fits–at Richardson. I think she’s still mad about Iowa.

Gibson: Should we go into western Pakistan and try and take bin Laden out?

Richardson: If we have actionable intelligence…

Hillary’s turn. Looks like she memorized her talking points.

I need another Red Bull.

Gibson follows up with a question on possibility of nuke attack on American soil.

Scary thought: John Edwards as president the day after a nuke attack on American soil.

Obama: Rebuild the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

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