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"I Won't Touch His Hair, I Won't Touch His Porcelain Teeth;" Rollins Responds to Townhall's Amanda Carpenter; Crabby!; Video Added
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Here’s the vid via Bryan…

I’ve transcribed the most interesting part:

CW: Ed, I’m not sure you’re aware of this, but you’re the subject of a blog on tonight. Someone says they overheard you eating at a restaurant called Winston’s. Let me ask you first of all, did you eat at a restaurant called Winston’s?

ER: I did and the tall, beautiful blonde that they were referring to is my wife. We snuck off to have a little lunch today and obviously when you have thousands and thousands of reporters covering it, there was no one else but one woman at another table and obviously she was the blogger…it was a private conversation between my wife and I…

CW: …It says you talked about going negative in South Carolina…do what you gotta do…

ER: …It was a private conversation…not for public consumption…and the reality is Mike Huckabee makes the decision in this campaign, I don’t…I don’t think [wife] expected to have our private lunch…

CW: Unfortunately, it isn’t private anymore. It is all over the web. So, I’ll ask you one more question…It quotes you as saying that Rudy Giuliani is done, has no money and was hurt terribly by those police cruises with his girlfriend.”

ER: I’m happy to confirm that…

CW: …there were a lot of roadbumps…has he and you learned anything from those…

ER: [interrupts/crosstalk]

ER: We learned that the wise men who sit like you do and others and basically say that a guy like Mike Huckabee doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in heck can still go out to the public and make their public. So all the wisdom doesn’t live in Washington and all the wisdom doesn’t live in the press corps…We’re very grateful for the opportunity to go out and talk to the public…

CW: [Defends opportunities Fox has given Huckabee to come on air. “We’ve had Huckabeen on Fox News Sunday]

ER: I just said we’re very grateful for you giving us the opportunity to take our message across the country and Iowa.

Brit Hume cracks: “It’s always good to get an interview with a joyful victor.” [Laughter]

Update 9:22pm Eastern. Rollins on Fox explains his teeth comment by claiming he said it in protest of Romney’s negativism. Rollins responds to Amanda Carpenter’s comments (Wallace mentions the post, but not Carpenter by name); Rollins affirms that he was at the restaurant with his wife.

Chris Wallace asks about the South Carolina strategy. “It was not for public consumption.”

“The reality is that Huckabee makes the decision, not me.”

Wallace asks Rollins about Giuliani slam. He basically confirms it. Rollins snipes at Fox. Brit Hume ribs Rollins for his “joyous” attitude. Har.


CBN’s David Brody has video of Ed Rollins doing a bit of the Huck strut and further egging Mitt Romney.

Amanda Carpenter at Townhall overheard more of Rollins’ trash-talking.

When a campaign guru is garnering more attention for himself than his candidate, it spells trouble.

It’s not as if Huck didn’t already know about Rollins’ big mouth, though…

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