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Dodd to Drop Out; Update: Biden Bows Out.
.02 percent. Dud.
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Update: Buh-bye, Slick Joe.


CNN’s reporting that Chris Dodd is set to drop out. He’s scheduled to talk to voters at 11:00pm Eastern.

The Boston Globe adds:

Democrat Chris Dodd, who moved his entire family to Iowa for the last weeks of the campaign, dropped out tonight after his poor showing in the caucuses, CNN and the Associated Press reported.

The Connecticut senator had hoped to finish at least fourth, but was seventh with almost all precincts reporting.

He played up his experience in the US Senate and strongly criticized the Bush administration over what he called an assault on civil liberties during the war on terror, but his campaign never caught fire…


Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut was set to abandon his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday after a poor showing in Iowa’s precinct caucuses.

The veteran lawmaker was to announce his decision to supporters at a post-caucus party in Des Moines, according to advisers speaking on the condition of anonymity. He was expected to travel to Connecticut Saturday with his family to thank friends and supporters.

Dodd was never able to break from the pack of Democratic contenders despite his long and distinguished Senate career. He won just 0.02 percent of the state’s caucus-goers.

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