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Stop the hate.
See latest update. *** A reminder of what Code Pinkos did to the Berkeley Marine recruitment center last fall. The backlash against Berkeley's anti-Marine, anti-troop measures is building. The American Legion and Sen. Jim DeMint weigh in tonight. Keep it up. Send a message to Berkeley: We're not in the 1960s anymore. DeMint to Berkeley:... Read More
Lovebirds Scroll down for updates...Hillary plays identity card (We're a woman and a black candidate!) against GOP (They're white men): "Just by looking at us, you can tell, we will not be more of the same"...Obama plays the McCain card against conservatives...immigration Hispandermania...Hillary vows to clean the mess in the White House. Seriously...Obama plays the... Read More
Talking points.
So, Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed John McCain. He extolled McCain for "reach[ing] across the political aisle to get things done." We'll hear that annoying platitude a bazillion and one times through Super Tuesday and beyond. To which I say: When did it become the Republican Party's top priority to "get things done?" "Get things done" is... Read More
Bought and owned.
The Nation reports that nutroots powerhouse is contemplating a presidential endorsement. Just what a Democrat presidential candidate who will need to move to the center to win the general election needs: The seal of approval of the despicable, military-smearing , speech-suppressing minions of MoveOn! Seal of approval...or kiss of death? Hey, they bought it,... Read More
Bad medicine.
Two days ago, I highlighted the Senate push for cramming extended unemployment benefits into the economic stimulus package. A House Ways and Means staffer today sends along the following sheet that underscores the permanent nature of "temporary" jobless benefits. So, the tax rebates will be temporary. The unemployment benefits last forever. Press on, Washington, press... Read More
Good news: *** Allahpundit has background.
The rest of the story.
Congressional leaders issued a joint statement this morning on the illegal alien tax rebate controversy (my previous coverage here and here): So, one loophole is closed. But the borders are still wide open, of course, and countless immigration laws remain unenforced. Mark Krikorian has it right: Two things — first, thousands of illegals, especially visa... Read More
Crushing of dissent.
Hawaii's forbidden cartoon Identity politics runs amok in Hawaii: This is un-freaking-believable. Andrew Walden reports:
Compare and contrast. Class warrior John McCain Edwards at last night's GOP debate held at the Reagan Library (transcript): Ronald Reagan, "What Ever Happened to Free Enterprise," Ludwig Von M
Daniel Harper at Tufts University reports on how your DHS dollars are being spent: Regardless of how noble the ends might be, government-funded programs often fail to achieve their stated objective. One such example has resulted in federally funded support of jihadists at Tufts University. In 2006, Tufts' Hillel received part of a $1.6-million Department... Read More
Yes, question their patriotism. Plus: An update on the Oakland Airport incident.
I told you on Sunday about the city of Berkeley's move to treat military recruitment centers like porn shops. Reader Bob USMC e-mails that Berzerkeley advanced two other anti-troop measures last night--voting to give Code Pink special treatment and send the Marine Corps a letter saying they are "uninvited and unwelcome intruders" in the city.... Read More
Scroll down for updates...most notable lowlights: John McCain Edwards playing Class Warrior--trashing the "greedy," sneering about profits--in the House of Reagan...and here's the video clip of McCain's flip-floppery on shamnesty (take a Dramamine before watching)...and read this on McCain's surge of dishonesty...and here's the "greedy people" video...speaking of which... I'll be liveblogging the GOP debate... Read More
Plus: McSchwarzenegger.
Update: McSchwarzenegger is official. *** The Giuliani-McCain endorsement celebration is underway at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Vid here. Rudy: "I had made it clear that if I had not decided to run, the one person I would clearly support would be John McCain...He's a man of honor and integrity...He's shown character throughout his... Read More
Necks on the line.
Cinnamon Stillwell reports that feminists are feeling pressure from critics of jihad and sharia to speak up about the oppression of women in Muslim culture: How about answering
Three pander-eers.
Update 3:08pm Eastern. Sen. Ensign is addressing the issue right now in the Senate Finance Committee. He says that the Congressional Research Service confirms that the tax rebates would go to illegal aliens as the House bill is currently written. Sen. Baucus says changes will be made to make certain the rebates don't go to... Read More
Offset this.
A tipster points to these photos of the Democrat bus brigade waiting outside the Longworth House Office Building to take them to a party retreat in Virginia. Seems the buses were left idling for nearly three hours--while the Democrats were inside blowing hot air at a global warming hearing. The FamousDC blog notes that there's... Read More
Reach out and touch...
Is she going to turn on the eye spigot again? Gag. Maybe Obama will give her a full-body hug for the California debate tomorrow. Your lunchtime music video: A little Yolanda Adams for the moment...
Impeachment watch update.
I blogged last month about the impeachment loons in Brattleboro, Vermont who want to subject President Bush and VP Cheney to arrest if the leaders set foot in their town. The brats in Brattleboro received national attention this week after they moved their petition through the town Select Board. A vote on the BDS measure... Read More
Si, se puede.
Everyone's getting a ride on the stimulation-palooza bandwagon--including illegal aliens. Of course. Congress and the White House supposedly are sending the money to people so they can spend, spend, spend it to give the U.S. economy a jolt. What will the illegal aliens do with their rebates? Remittances, baby, remittances. Rep. Tom Tancredo, whom I... Read More
Sayonara, Silky.
He exulted in being the "minority white man" in the Democrat presidential race, but the jig is up and the gig is over. John Edwards is dropping out. He won't be missed. Not the cloying, braying sanctimony. Not the hypocritical Fox-bashing. Not the oleaginous class warfare. Not the odious politicization of Memorial Day. And not... Read More
Subprime victims are the new heroes. Plus: Cheering the Republicans who voted against...
My column this week, which I've reprinted below, continues the lonely drumbeat against the bipartisan stimulation-palooza disaster and the victim politics of foreclosure. Would that we had a GOP presidential candidate who would stand up for personal responsibility and limited government on this issue. Again: It's too much to ask. There's a small glimmer of... Read More
Open or closed?
Update: Ed Morrissey has your answer: *** Yesterday afternoon, I noted reports of independe
Update 11:11pm Eastern. The Club for Growth joins what McCain's defenders derisively and speciously label the "McCain Derangement Syndrome" crowd. Here's the CFG's statement tonight. You can dismiss it as "hate" and accuse them of "acting like a liberal," or you can deal with the facts: When Janet Hook asked John McCain in tonight’s CNN... Read More
Culture of corruption, primary night edition.
Hillary's giving a "victory" speech to celebrate her "win" in Florida, where no delegates will be awarded. Standing by her side: Corruptocrat Rep. Alcee Hastings. She thanks her "great friend Alcee Hastings." Yeah, the same disgraced and disgraceful Alcee Hastings impeached by the House and convicted on bribery and perjury charges by the Senate. Broom... Read More
He thinks he can pull off a miracle and he says he intends to go to California, but let's stay reality-based. If you'd like to leave a farewell message for Rudy Giuliani, leave it here. All the CNN talking heads are anticipating a Rudy endorsement of McCain. Update: And the rumors begin to fly.
Update 9:49pm Eastern. McCain's speaking and rejoicing about his win in an all-Republican primary. McCain thanks Charlie Crist, who looks orange. McCain thanks "my dear friend, Mel Martinez." Crist is doing a lot of double-pointing and mugging to the crowd. McCain "offers my best wishes to Gov. Romney and his supporters...the margin sure isn't big... Read More
Listen to me now and believe me later.
I know this won't shock many of you. California Gov. Arnold Kennedy Schwarzenegger hasn't formally endorsed anyone yet, but he gave rave reviews of Obama and McCain to the SF Chronicle editorial board today: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, weighing in on the presidential race, said that both Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Democrat Barack... Read More
No-consequences culture.
Irresponsible homeowners are irresponsible pet owners. Are you shocked? I'm not shocked. Despite being collectively cast as unassailable victims of predatory lenders who were tricked into buying homes they couldn't afford, word is getting out that sainted subprime borrowers are not all so sainted after all. Turns out that many of them are not only... Read More
The first stage of stimulation-palooza in Congress is complete. It's official. GOP whip Roy Blunt's office sends along the following: House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) issued the following statement today after the House passed a temporary economic growth package that will help small businesses create new jobs and give re
Today's birds of a feather entry: Race-hustler Maxine Waters is set to endorse Hillary Clinton in a conference call today. Maybe Hill will put a little Selma-style flavor in her voice today to celebrate. I came to know and loathe Waters when I lived and worked in Los Angeles. Here's the column I wrote about... Read More
The Sun-Sentinel buries a flag-raising paragraph at the bottom of a story today on voting in Florida: What the law says: Florida Statute 97.052 requires the designation of party affiliation or the designation of no party affiliation at the time of registration. Florida Statute 97.1031 stipulates a voter may change his party affiliation by providing... Read More
The costs of "compassion."
The House will vote later today on its borrow-and-spend rebate deal. The Senate is pushing the inevitable lard-up. Democrats and Republicans alike want an extension on federal unemployment benefits. Regular state unemployment insurance covers 26 weeks. A program intended to be a safety net has become an excuse for people to remain unemployed once they... Read More
Update: The New York Post weighs in..."Camelot died a long time ago." *** When I watched the Kennedy dynasty's self-indulgent endorsement of Barack Obama yesterday, I saw a bloated, effete patriarch patting himself on the back and his candidate on the head. I heard empty platitudes and nostalgia and a desperate, windy plea for relevance.... Read More
Update: Maybe that NYT-reported gap is closing, after all. Florida primary turnout "may set record," says the Miami Herald. Nearly one million in the Sunshine State have cast early and absentee ballots. "The last time there was a contested presidential primary on both the Republican and Democratic sides, only about 19 percent of Florida voters,... Read More
Give me a Boo-Freaking-Hoo this morning for the poor college students and their Planned Parenthood pill peddlers who are crying to the government that they can't afford $25 monthly contraception bills. America is, like, so unfair: Guess who's ready to help? In Washington, Planned Parenthood
Deportation defiance.
Another defiant deportation evader has stepped in to "pick up the torch" that illegal alien activist Elvira Arellano left behind. Sanctuary Nation or Sovereign Nation? Which would the presidential candidates choose? Will the feds let this drag out like they did with Arellano--making a national mockery of our deportation laws?: She worked for IFCO, which... Read More
And look who has front-row media seats.
Last update: Video here, here, and here. Scroll down for updates...Democrat Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sibelius responds blandly to SOTU...McCain skips out, gives advice from Florida...Sen. Jim DeMint gives conservative response...Obama disses Bush... Nancy Pelosi final blink count: 1,002. Dick Cheney final blink count: 2. *** I'll be liveblogging the State of the Union Address at... Read More
Scroll down for updates...4:44pm Eastern - cloture vote is underway...4:54pm anticipated by the nutroots, both Clinton and Obama have voted no on cloture (e.g., voted to block press on the Rockefeller-Bond FISA reform bill)...5:12pm Eastern. Motion is not agreed to. Vote is 48-45....McConnell's on the floor, next vote is on the 30-day extension...urging a... Read More
Crushing of dissent.
Anti-tax activists in NJ were arrested last week for handing out flyers outside a town hall meeting convened by Democrat Gov. Jon Corzine. The Jersey Nut sends video: After an outcry, local officials are now asking for the charges to be dropped: Corzine denies a role in the dissent-crushing: Gov. Jon Corzine insisted...his office had... Read More
No news.
The Columbia Spectator student newspaper followed up on the school's hanging noose mystery (hat tip - reader Danny). Still no news despite an intense police investigation and massive media attention. Yes, it smells: The New York Police Department’s hate crimes task force continues to investigate the Oct. 9 hate crime at Teachers College but remains... Read More
Er, um.
Ugh. On the one hand, you've got to love reading the news of Billy Jeff pleading and whining with Uncle Teddy not to endorse Hill's nemesis. On the other hand, watching the spectacle of the Kennedy clan anointing their Chosen One as the man "to make America good again" (and what would Teddy Kennedy know... Read More
Hispandering. Plus: Celebrating Uncle Teddy Kennedy's endorsement.
Barack Obama's looking for love from pro-illegal immigration voters in California. He's out on the campaign trail touting his support for driver's licenses for illegal aliens. McCain-Obama '08, anyone? Sen. Barack Obama easily won the African American vote in South Carolina, but to woo California Latinos, where he is running 3-to-1 behind rival Sen. Hillary... Read More
Oink, oink. Clear!
What I wrote here on Jan. 18: "As I’ve said repeatedly now, stimulation-palooza will inevitably be larded up with special-interest pork and other spending goodies in the tens of billions of dollars." What I wrote here on Jan. 16: "I’m getting a few e-mails from readers who are convinced I shouldn’t be worried about the... Read More
Earmark this.
So, President Bush will praise Nancy Pelosi tonight in his State of the Union address for her cooperation on the economic stimulus farce. Ain't bipartisanship grand? On a less depressing note, GOP House leader John Boehner sends out a press release today pushing Pelosi and the Dems on earmarks: WASHINGTON, DC – House Republican Leader... Read More
The Chicago Sun-Times reports this morning that Tony Rezko--Barack Obama fixer and Hillary Clinton photo pal--was arrested this morning on a bond violation. Obama says he has nothing more to say. Via The Swamp: It's not the end of the story.
Scroll down for updates...meanwhile: "Romney, McCain call each other 'liberal'... Meet Jerry Perenchio. He's a National Finance Co-Chair of the McCain 2008 campaign and the billionaire founder of Spanish-language media conglomerate, Univision. He also heads up a charitable foundation that has showered gobs of money on extremist green lobbying groups. Take open-borders zeal, add campaign... Read More
Beastie boys.
The Democrats are the jackass party. They're proud of it. And they held a contest this weekend to pick just the right beast to represent them at the Democratic National Convention. No, not Bill Clinton. It's "Mordecai:" Sound like Hillary could use him on the campaign trail. Move ove
"A bloc, not one nation."
Digger's Realm did a terrific job compiling this clip reel of open borders zealot/McCain Hispanic outreach director Juan Hernandez's greatest hits. He considers Canada, the U.S., and Mexico "a bloc, not one nation." He puts "Mexico first." He doesn't believe there are any criminals among the 12-20 million illegal aliens he thinks should be legalized.... Read More
Spousal support. And a bonus Tina Turner video.
Bill Clinton is a sick puppy. I didn't say it. His own wife says he's sleep-deprived and so driven by "love" that he can't control himself on the campaign trail. Love for her? Or love for his own indignant voice and for preservation of his legacy/dynasty? *** Anyone else have that Tina Turner song in... Read More
Update: Reader Mary Jo e-mails: "Since Juan McCain has appointed Juan Hernandez to the position of Hispanic Outreach Campaign Advisor, perhaps someone should ask him who he is going to appoint as American Outreach Campaign Director. I guess the average American citizen is not very important to him." *** Shamnesty peddler John McCain; top entry... Read More