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Eco-Scrooges Can't Give It a Rest
'Tis the season to be Gore-y.
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Environmental busybodies never take a vacation. The lead letter on Christmas day at the San Francisco Chronicle echoed dim bulb Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels’ recent “Stop global warming and buy CFLs or Santa will DIEDIEDIE!” threat:

Change our lifestyle to save Santa’s home

Editor – Santa is deeply concerned with the rapid shrinking of the North Pole. For generations, he has depended on swift, reliable and environmentally friendly reindeer power.

If we do not change our lifestyle soon and seek alternative energy sources, future generations will not experience the thrill of seeing Santa flying over the rooftops on Christmas Eve, and the only happy soul will be the Grinch, who wants to see a Christmas meltdown.



And in Aspen, Colorado, it looks like the green mayor there wants to kill a community hearth out of eco-guilt:

In the mountain resort of Aspen, where mansions each pump out more than 600 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, and jets delivering the rich and famous to their second homes add another 300,000 tons, the mayor is trying to eliminate a natural-gas fueled flame in an open municipal hearth in downtown that is intended to provide ambience.

“This isn’t Arlington National Cemetery. It’s not the eternal flame,” Mayor Mick Ireland told the Denver Post. “It’s a symbol like if the mayor were to run around in a Range Rover.”

…A week ago he called for a vote to kill the light, but it failed, 3-2, meaning city workers will return to their brainstorming to find some way to make the hearth “environmentally acceptable.”

Gulfstream eco-hypocrisy exposed…yet again:

Council member Jack Johnson told the paper the hearth should be an educational display, with a sign explanation how it is wasting fuel and why.

As the flame burns, Escalades and Hummers drive by, paparazzi trip over hearth chairs seeking photographs of supermodel Heidi Klum and sales associate Kate Kelly, in a nearby retailer, told the newspaper, “Al Gore wouldn’t be too happy about this.”

But participants in a newspaper forum ridiculed the situation.

“Maybe just put the fire out and hang a picture of a fire instead. You put up a kiosk with informational booklets (printed on recycled paper) that explain the Global Warming Crisis, why the fire had to be put out, and ask for donations to purchase Carbon Credits. Ask the rich to stop coming to Aspen, because it’s actually bad for the environment, to have all those jets flying around. Shut down the ski area. Because, really; can we afford to waste time skiing, when the oceans are about to rise 20 ft.? I think not.” wrote Rulo Melko. “Well, maybe not. We’ll let the rich still fly their jets in and ski, and spend money. As long as they’re the Hollywood rich who “get it”. Who “understand”.

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