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Bob Kerrey "Apologizes" to Obama
"Meant no disrespect."
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The hapless Hillary Clinton campaign strikes out again. Hillary endorser Bob Kerrey sent Barack Obama an apology letter for his back-handed “praise” invoking his middle name and mentioning family members who were Muslim (hat tip – Perfunction). As I noted on the Big Story last week, I think this is a weak attack (I’ve said so to conservatives as well) and that critics concerned about Obama’s religion would be far better off raising questions about his race-baiting Christian pastor and spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

Kerrey’s “apology” is as dunder-headed as his initial remarks were:

Former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey has apologized to Barack Obama for any unintentional insult he committed by raising the Democratic presidential candidate’s Muslim heritage while endorsing rival candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Kerrey sent a letter to Obama on Wednesday, lauding the Illinois senator’s qualifications to be president and saying that he never meant to harm his candidacy. Kerrey told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that he sent the letter on his own and had not spoken to Clinton or her campaign about the comments he made Sunday in Iowa.

“What I found myself getting into in Iowa – and it was my own fault – it was the wrong moment to do it and it was insulting,” Kerrey told the AP. “I meant no disrespect at all.”

…”I answered a question about your qualifications to be president in a way that has been interpreted as a backhanded insult of you. I assure you I meant to do just the opposite,” Kerrey wrote.

He went on to say he considers Obama one of the most talented people he’s met in politics and “exceptionally qualified by experience and judgment to be president of the United States.” He expanded on Obama’s potential to bring peace to the world and his capacity to inspire hope – high praise for someone backing Obama’s top rival.

He never meant to harm his candidacy? He “meant no disrespect at all?”

He used the phrase “Islamic Manchurian candidate” and he “meant no disrespect?

What a tool.

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