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Blue-On-Blue Catfight: Kos Turns on Harry Reid; Update: Dodd Stymies Reid on FISA Bill, Nutroots Cheer
Losers. Update: More pile-on.
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Update 9:30pm Eastern. This isn’t getting much attention outside of the lefty blogs, but tonight Harry Reid withdrew the FISA overhaul bill after Kos champion Chris Dodd threatened to filibuster it over telecom immunity provisions. The bill has bipartisan support. It is now tabled until next month.

More details:

Facing divisions among Senate Democrats, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has postponed debate on reauthorizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act until January.

Although Reid won a cloture vote earlier in the day allowing the FISA debate to begin, he still faced heavy pressure from his own Caucus on amendments that could be offered to the base bill, which was a version of the legislation approved by the Intelligence Committee. Facing these concerns, Reid decided to delay final action on the legislation until the Senate returns for the second session of the 110th Congress, which means no work on the FISA bill until at least mid-January.

“I’ve spoken to a number of senators [involved in the FISA debate], and everyone feels it would be to the best interests of the Senate that we take a look at this when we can come back at the first of the year and resume this,” Reid said on the floor Thursday night.

Update: More lefty piling on. Dirty Harry manages to unite the left and right against him.


Mwrrrrooowr. Nutroots King Kos has turned on Harry Reid–yes, the same Harry Reid who brought down the house at the Kos convention last year.

See the blue-on-blue break up here and here. Spits Kos:

In short, “holds” bottle up legislation if Republicans place them. Not so much if Democrats do.

And here I thought Reid was the Democratic majority leader. I’m done with him.

Dodd for majority leader!

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