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The Wreath-Laying at Arlington Cemetery
"We make it our business to Never Forget."
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Two years ago, you may remember, this photo went viral on the Internet:


Word of Wreaths Across America spread across the country and Morrill Worcester’s labor of love became a national project uniting citizens in a volunteer tradition to place wreaths on the headstones of our nation’s fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery.

Today at noon, the tradition continued. This is the 16th year the wreaths have been placed at Arlington.

Andrea Shea-King was there and blogged about the effort (hat tip – Dave Logan). She reports that “ten thousand wreaths were transported from Maine aboard two tractor trailer trucks, accompanied by a convoy of Maine State Police troopers, Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder, Honor Ride, and veterans of the Vietnam war.” A couple of her lovely snapshots of the day (Morrill Worcester is standing in the center of the first photo):




What a powerful business slogan:

“We make it our business to Never Forget.”

God bless Morrill Worcester and all the volunteers who make this happen every year–so that we Never Forget the sacrifices of those who lay beneath the wreaths.

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