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The Oprah-Obama Revival Tour: "It Was Like a Religious Experience"
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Oprah was on the pulpit all weekend preaching on behalf of Barack Obama. Here’s a taste:

The Obama campaign is exulting in its Oprahfication.

Thanks to the cult-status TV talk show host, Democrats are having religious moments in the public square–and, for once, the ACLU isn’t suing:

Kristen Price, 26, who traveled about 120 miles from Bennington, Vt., to Manchester, said Winfrey was the main draw but she ended up as an Obama supporter.

“She played a big role, I’ll admit it, but he held his own just fine,” Price said.

Price said she had been torn between supporting Obama or Clinton but now considered herself firmly in Obama’s camp.

“It was like a religious experience. It was inspiring,” she said. “I feel like now America could do anything.”


More YouTube vids:

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