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Mo Teddy Bear Teacher Is Home, But What Has She Learned?
"We don’t joke about that any more."
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I’m afraid that British teacher Gillian Gibbons doesn’t quite appreciate how her ordeal fits into the big picture of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage:

A British teacher jailed in Sudan for letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad as part of a writing project arrived home Tuesday after being pardoned and said she was “very upset to think that I might have caused offense to people.”

Gillian Gibbons told reporters after arriving at London’s Heathrow Airport that she was looking forward to seeing her family and friends.

“I’m just an ordinary middle-aged primary school teacher. I went out there to have an adventure, and got a bit more than I bargained for,” Gibbons said at a brief news conference.

“I don’t think anyone could have imagined it would snowball like this,” she added.

Actually, it’s all too imaginable: They worked up Soccer Ball Rage , Rushdie Rage, MoCartoon Rage, Burger King Ice Cream Cone Rage, Koran Flushing Rage, Valentine’s Day Rage, Veil Rage, Pope Rage, Fallaci Rage, Miss World Pageant Rage, and Rushdie Knighthood Rage.

Teddy Bear Rage was no surprise to anyone with open eyes.

Tellingly, the lesson Gibbons has learned is the lesson of submission. Check out this little anecdote from the Times of London:

Looking tired but excited on the flight from Khartoum to Dubai, she chatted with an embassy security guard and the two peers who lobbied for her freedom, planning what to do on her return. A fellow business-class passenger said: “The four of them talked almost the entire time, laughing happily.”

Lady Warsi, speaking on the Emirates flight from Khartoum, told The Times: “This has been a very difficult week for Gillian and she has come out of it amazingly well. We all just feel delighted and privileged in playing our part in securing her release, and we are all looking forward to getting home.”

For dinner, cabin staff provided Ms Gibbons with Arabic mezze, followed by grilled Iranian chicken kebabs. At one stage Lord Ahmed came dangerously close to joking about Mohamed and the teddy bear, but Ms Gibbons interjected: “We don’t joke about that any more.”

Mission accomplished.

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