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Important Action Alert! Hillary Campaign on the Lookout for "Any Unethical Tactics Our Opponents May Use"
Cracking down...or cracking up? Plus: Hillary mouthpiece on kindergarten dirt-digging: It was just a joke!
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Update: Hillary operative Mark Penn says they were just kidding about the Obambi grade-school opposition research (hat tip – RWV). Snort:



Cracking down…or cracking up?

Having finished scouring Barack Obama’s elementary school essays, the Hillary Clinton campaign is rallying the nutroots and Iowa supporters to help them uncover “dirty campaign tactics:”

Dear Friend,

I wanted to let you know immediately about reports our campaign has received about possible dirty campaign tactics in Iowa and New Hampshire — and ask for your help.

In Iowa, we have heard reports that Hillary supporters are getting calls that tell them incorrect caucus locations. Supporters have also told us about push polls — when they tell the pollster they support Hillary, they are given negative talking points about her and asked which attacks are the most effective.

In both Iowa and New Hampshire, we have heard that Obama staffers are berating Hillary supporters on the phone with negative attacks against her.

Here is one report we got from someone who received a push poll in Iowa:

I do want to let you know, Saturday afternoon, I had a phony pollster call from “an independently owned polling service” … With my first choice as Hillary and undecided 2nd choice. I was asked if I approved of the direction the country was taking. The question then shifted. “Which of these three options best defines your candidate? 1) Inconsistent on major issues. 2) A weak contender in the general election. 3) Not able to bring change to Washington.” I told them I would not answer because it was not a polling question … I asked where they were calling from. Repeatedly the response was that they were calling from the United States and it was paid for by an independently owned polling firm.

Here is another report from a letter to the editor in an Iowa paper:

The bullying coming from some of the other Democratic candidates is childlike and not what the Democrats stand for. I even had some guy call me from the Obama camp and start bullying me over the phone when I said I supported Hillary. He started arguing and got aggressive on the phone. I did tell him his behavior was not appropriate.

And here is a report from New Hampshire:

When my father informed them that he was supporting Hillary they proceeded to talk to him about her failure to reform health care when she was First Lady. He said it sounded like they were reading something that was already prepared.

These reports are invaluable to our campaign! It is vitally important that we know about any unethical tactics our opponents may use.

Talking about the failures of Hillarycare. How diiiiirty.

Yesterday, I likened the two Dem front-runners to Punch and Judy. A commenter suggested that Itchy and Scratchy were more apt.


I’m thinking even these two are more sophisticated than Hillary and Obambi.



Update: Just a side note…The letter to the editor cited by the Hillary campaign is here. (Thanks to Dan Riehl for the pointer). The letter is signed by “Debra Ervin” of Morning Sun, Iowa. Debra Ervin is a member of Iowa Health Care Professionals for Hillary.

Of course, it’s not noted in her letter.


Dan Riehl: “Dirty tricks? Yeah, consider the source.”

Allahpundit: A “dirty trick”…from the Left!

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