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Update: Lakota High School Teen Asks Public for Help to Put on "Ten Little Indians"
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I told you earlier today about the NAACP’s war on the high school students who wanted to perform Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” at their school. One of the high school students, Lakota East High School senior Alicia Frost, e-mailed me an update. The students are trying to put the show on outside of school and they could use the public’s help:

Hi Ms. Malkin,

My name is Alicia Frost and I was involved with Lakota East’s production of Ten Little Indians, and I just was wondering if you could inform the people interested in the cancellation of the play that the cast is currently scrambling to find a way to put the show on themselves without any ties to the school. If anyone is able to help out in any way possible–by donating furniture that we could use for a set, lending stage microphones, anything–it would be so incredibly appreciated. If anyone is able to help they can contact me at this e-mail address ([email protected])

Thanks for any help you can give us,

Alicia Frost

You can also give the school district your feedback and express support for the students here.


Update: Another reader who lives in West Chester, Ohio e-mails…

I am a resident of West Chester, Ohio and the Lakota Local School District and for those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Gary Hines, he has created this sort of dust up in the past. About 5 years ago, Mr. Hines went after the Lakota High Schools for their lack of diversity and tried to hold them hostage until they hired his company to “promote diversity”. You referenced the article from today’s edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer and this is included in it:

Powell said Hines has a history of making racial accusations against Lakota schools with his personal financial interests sometimes coming into play.

In 2002, Hines accused Lakota schools of widespread, systemic racism and recommended that more than 2,000 Lakota employees be required to enroll in diversity and cultural sensitivity training similar to what was offered by his company. He promised to compile a report months later detailing his accusations against the schools but never produced a document.

Hines, however, has continued to allege racism in the school district.


Now, some information on the community of West Chester, Ohio. West Chester is a very affluent, booming suburb of Cincinnati. It is home to the GOP Leader in the US House, John Boehner. While certainly it is a majority white community, we have a great deal of diversity in West Chester. In fact, 2 of our township trustees (both Republicans) are minorities. George Lang is hispanic and born of Cuban parents. Lee Wong is Asian. The third trustee, Catherine Stoker, is a woman. The Township Administrator, Judi Boyko is also Asian and a woman. West Chester is home to a growing community of successful (Thank goodness legal) Indian immigrants. We have no shortage of diversity in our religious faiths as you can see from this link ( ), including one the largest mosques in the state of Ohio. I can’t remember the last time that we had to deal with anything that the PC crowd would label as a “hate crime”.

Mr. Hines is a con-artist and may well have met his match. We are a sleepy, quiet community but when some fool like Mr. Hines sticks his neck out and makes absurd charges of racism and lack of diversity, we do not stand for it. Most of the residents of West Chester are individuals who fled the city of Cincinnati as it slowly went downhill thanks to poor government and no leadership that culminated in the April 2001 race riots when Cincinnati hit rock bottom. As we watched Cincinnati go down hill, we will not allow that to happen to our community of West Chester and will not allow ourselves to be pushed around by a racial huckster.

Shame on the school district for being spineless and weak. Unfortunately, in education, we’ve all come to expect nothing less but total capitulation.

Thank you for sharing this story with the world. I hope this makes a difference.

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