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Elvira Arellano: Still Going
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Open-borders militant deportee Elvira Arellano –whom the Associated Press now dubs “a Mexican migrant-rights advocate”–may have been kicked out of the U.S., but that isn’t stopping her from continuing to lobby on behalf of illegal aliens still in the U.S. She’s been on a hunger strike in Mexico protesting workplace raids in the U.S.:

A Mexican migrant-rights advocate deported from the U.S. said she began a hunger strike Friday to push her government to demand its citizens receive better treatment north of the border.

Elvira Arellano, a former illegal migrant who turned to activism during a yearlong fight to stay in the U.S., said she was holding the hunger strike “because I want our government to listen, to act, to defend our migrant families.”

Speaking to a group of Mexican migrant activists, Arellano decried U.S. efforts to jail illegal migrants, put up security fences on the border and step up deportations.

“Is Mexico prepared to receive all of these deported people and their families?” Arellano said on the opening day of the “First Parliament of Mexican Migrant Leaders Who Live in the U.S.”

“Is it prepared to guarantee an education to their children, who are U.S. citizens? Or is it prepared to defend them against all these attacks?” she said.

The two-day conference, gathering Mexican-led activist groups and U.S.-based non-governmental organizations, kicked off on the floor of Mexico’s lower house of Congress. Along with opposing aggressive anti-immigrant measures in the U.S., participants are asking Mexico to reform its own laws by decriminalizing the migration of Central Americans and others to Mexico.

They also insist Mexico work to improve economic and social conditions at home to stem the tide of migration.

Gee, wouldn’t that be novel?

P.S.: Where’s Saul?



Meanwhile…O’Hare workers arrested in alleged fake ID scheme:

Federal and local law enforcement agents raided several warehouses Wednesday at O’Hare International Airport and arrested 24 workers who were allegedly in the country illegally and using phony security badges for jobs on the tarmac, cargo areas and other restricted zones.

Also arrested Wednesday in a probe federal authorities said “identified national security vulnerabilities” were two company managers at Ideal Staffing Solutions Inc., a temporary employment agency in Bensenville. The firm allegedly hired the workers and provided them with deactivated airport security badges that allowed them to work at O’Hare, immigration officials said. Ideal Staffing managers also knowingly allowed workers to lie about their identities on airport security applications, officials alleged. They said they’re still investigating whether there are more related security risks at the airport.

“Most of these workers loaded pallets, freight and meals for companies doing business at O’Hare,” including commercial airlines such as United Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Qantas Airways, said Elissa A. Brown, special agent-in-charge of the Chicago office for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“The government can’t be too vigilant when it comes to airport employees gaining access to secure areas, especially if they lie about their identities and we have no idea who they are, and what their true intentions may be,” Brown said.

Arellano was arrested at O’Hare in 2002.


Here’s video:

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