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The Impeachment Circus Never Takes a Holiday
"If not now, when?"
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1noose1.jpg Democrat leaders might have thought they put the impeachment circus to rest on November 6. But as I noted, the nutroots are gearing up for a stage production of a Beltway impeachment play that’ll open after New Year’s–and over this Thanksgiving holiday, Denny K’s peeps have been pounding the I-drum and hounding Democrats over their reluctance to go with the impeachment flow.

In the Seattle P-I, guest columnist Linda Boyd rallies the moonbats: “If not now, when?” Check out the P-I graphic that accompanies the article. Looks like something straight from the After Downing Street art clip file. Boyd fumes:

George Bush and Dick Cheney promote an imperial presidency. They assert that the executive is the most powerful branch of government, undermining the judiciary and Congress in violation of the Constitution’s bedrock principle of shared power among three co-equal branches. This subverts the very nature of our system of government.

“This is an attempt by the president to have the final word on his own constitutional powers, which eliminates the checks and balances that keep the country a democracy. … That’s a big problem because that’s essentially a dictatorship,” Fein said.

Washington For Impeachment and Citizens to Impeach Bush and Cheney are working to inform the public, collect signatures to petitions, provide forums, and lobby representatives. Washington was the second state to sponsor a bill for impeachment in the state Legislature.

Washington State Democratic organizations have passed resolutions in 11 Democratic legislative districts, five counties and the Washington State Democratic Central Committee. Jay Inslee, D-Bainbridge Island, has received impeachment resolutions from almost every legislative district within his congressional district. When will he represent the will of his constituents and honor his oath to protect the Constitution?

Inslee’s not the only Democrat feeling the heat. New York liberal Dems got an earful yesterday:

Brooklyn residents lashed out at local congressman over their inability to end the war in Iraq at a Park Slope meeting recently.

What was billed as a town hall discussion on why the US was still in Iraq and the best way of getting out quickly turned heated, Brooklyn Representatives Anthony Weiner, Yvette Clarke and Jerrold Nadler withstood over two hours of sometimes hostile questions about the ongoing war in an event sponsored by the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats at Old First Church.

All representatives spoke forcefully against the war and advocated a quick withdrawal from the country.

In opening remarks, Rep. Nadler called the U.S. presence in the country “stupid” and said that the threat of Al Queda in Iraq was greatly exaggerated. “Al Qaeda is not a problem,” said Nadler. “If we left tomorrow, the Sunnis and the Shiites would fight each other to see who could eliminate Al Queda first,” comments which reflected recent analysis suggesting that the terrorist group enjoys little popular support in the country.


Rep. Clarke expressed frustration at the inability of the Democratic majority to withdraw, saying that a number of newly elected members of Congress were concerned about maintaining their seats. “Sometimes you feel like you’ve been stabbed in the back by one of your own,” Rep. Clarke said. Rep. Clarke drew cheers when she suggested that impeachment proceedings were in order.

A woman held up a sign which read in red block letters “IMPEACH.”

Weiner sounded a similar note to the others saying that removing the U.S. from the country would “remove an irritant” from the country. Rep. Weiner, however, came under withering criticism – perhaps unexpectedly for the strongly anti-war congressman – for his refusal to support the initiation of impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. While stating that the two leaders had done “impeachable things,” Weiner said that impeachment proceedings would occupy the congress and prevent them from doing anything else with their majority.

The position elicited a mix of applause and boos as subsequent questioners expressed strong disagreement. “It blows my mind that you equate impeachment with looking backwards,” said one.

The moderator was forced several times to remind audience members to keep their questions to under a minute. Eventually, Rep. Nadler came to a haggard-looking Weiner’s defense, saying that he agreed with him.

New York Senators Clinton and Chuck Schumer were invited to the forum but declined to attend.

No wonder.

Meanwhile, Kucinich is busy priming the impeachment pump in New Hampshire, where he’ll be holding an impeachment teach-in on Monday. It’ll be streamed on KucinichTV and St. Cindy Sheehan is leading a letter-writing campaign to the Speaker of the House.

Nancy “Impeachment is off the table” Pelosi’s not out of the woods yet.

Go, nutroots, go.

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