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Taliban Apologist Yvonne Ridley Speaks at UC Irvine
Useless idiot alert.
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Useless idiot alert

Via Jonathan at Red County/OC Blog, Yvonne Ridley, the far, far left-wing British journalist who was kidnapped by the Taliban in 2001, converted to Islam after her release, and has been on the jihadi apologist speaking circuit ever since, gave a pro-Taliban lecture at UC Irvine earlier this month. Watch as this dangerous dhimmi, who calls the Koran a “magna carta for women”, defended terrorist leader Abu al Zarqawi, and celebrated Chechen jihadist/Beslan massacre mastermind Shamil Basayev as a “shaheed,” entertains Muslim students with tales of stupid Westerners who just don’t understand her Taliban brothers and sisters:

Jonathan has more.

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