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MoveOn's Idiotic Thanksgiving Ad: They Still Can't Figure Out What American Troops Look Like; Update/Correction
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Update/correction: Thanks to amerpundit for pointing out that the ad is in fact the very same one from 2005. Still uncorrected, still peddling the lie that the British troops are American troops. Their bad. But it’s not a new one for the 2007 season. My bad. Still very useful to see what they’re keeping on the site and how stunted their attacks remain.


What are the nutballs at up to this holiday season? You’re going to love this. First, take a look at this page. The Soros moonbats who brought you the General Betray Us ad want money to put a new anti-war TV ad “on CNN and on the air in the hometowns of members of Congress who are pushing…smears” against John Murtha and Harry Reid:


Click on the ad and watch very carefully. Here’s the script: “Some folks won’t be home this holiday season. 150,000 American men and women are stuck in Iraq. Their president misled America to send them in and has no plan to get them out. Democrats in Congress are leading the way home. Where are the Republicans? Tell your representative, ‘Support our troops. Bring them home.'”

To illustrate how our US troops are “stuck in Iraq” (or should I spell that, “stuck in Irak?”), the MoveOn ad flashes this picture:


Does it look familiar? I recognized it immediately.

It’s the same freaking photo of British troops they used in an anti-war Thanksgiving ad two years ago. (FYI, I’ve captured the video in case they try to hide their abject stupidity.) As bloggers pointed out in 2005, MoveOn had actually photoshopped the original pic to hide the fact that one of the soldiers was wearing shorts.


Look at the camo. Those are British pattern fatigues, not American.

Flashback Nov. 30, 2005:

The liberal political group has yanked a video ad from its website after being criticized for using images of British soldiers to represent Americans in Iraq.

The 30-second ad, which also began running on CNN and cable stations during the Thanksgiving weekend, stated that “150,000 American men and women are stuck in Iraq” this holiday season.

But the ad showed soldiers who were “not wearing U.S. uniforms,” according to a Pentagon spokesman who was interviewed by Cybercast News Service Wednesday, approximately two hours before the Internet version of the ad was pulled from the website.

Two years later, MoveOn is still singing the same defeatist, anti-American tune, using the same bogus photos, to undermine our war efforts and line their pockets.

Question their patriotism?

I question their brain-wave activity.

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