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"Democrats to Reclaim Country Music"
Bush lied! Country died!
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The Left can’t stand conservative dominance of any segment of media, society, politics, or pop culture. Apparently, it really bugs them that the majority of country music stars and fans are right-leaning. Now, according to the Telegraph, BDS-infected entertainers are plotting to take back country:

Democrats angered at the image of country and western as Right-wing “redneck music” are planning a tour of Middle America during the 2008 election campaign by Nashville artists opposed to the Iraq war.

An alliance called the Music Row Democrats is poised to re-launch itself early next year in an attempt to seize back country music from the Republican camp and spread their message that President George W. Bush’s party does not care about ordinary people.

Slowly but surely, more country singers are performing songs critical of the Bush administration. Merle Haggard, who once sang the anti-hippie anthem “Okie from Muskogee” for President Richard Nixon at the White House has even penned a tribute to Hillary Clinton.

In his “Hillary”, dedicated to the Democratic front runner, Haggard sings: “This country needs to be honest/ Changes need to be large/ Something like a big switch of gender/ Let’s put a woman in charge.”

Pro-war songs like Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” and “American Solider”, and Darryl Worley’s “Have You Forgotten (About Bin Laden)?” still dominate country music stations.

Go figure!

You choose:

Merle Haggard crooning for Hillary:

Toby Keith, “American Soldier:”

Check out the selection of moonbat country songs from the Music Row Democrats:

“Big Blue Ball of War” –Nanci Griffith

Country-folk star Nanci Griffith has been a passionate anti-war activist throughout her career. She campaigns regularly against landmines and was the first to popularize the international peace anthem “From a Distance.” Her stately and eloquent “Big Blue Ball of War” is a plea that can be found on her 2005 CD Hearts in Mind. The song suggests that if women and mothers were in charge, war would cease to exist. Much of the album was inspired by Nanci’s trip to Southeast Asia and by the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Songs such as the album’s “A Simple Life,” “Heart of Indochine” and “Old Hanoi” are other powerful statements. “Mountain of Sorrow” stems from 9/11. “Before” and “Love Conquers All” also make reference to our troubled times.

“You Let the Fox Run the Henhouse” – Shawn Camp

Shawn Camp is a triple threat on Music Row, as a brilliant instrumentalist, a dynamic songwriter and a dandy vocalist. “You Let the Fox Run the Henhouse” showcases him having some bluegrass-y fun with the Administration. The fox, of course, has “a Bushy tail.” The track was recorded especially for this album.

“Al Gore” – Monkey Bowl


Nashville is well known as the capital of country music, as the headquarters of the Christian-music field, as the home of bluegrass music and as the center of the Americana music movement. But it also has a thriving pop/rock scene. The Music City recording unit Monkey Bowl shot to instant notoriety in 2004 with this delightfully catchy ditty. Songwriter Robert Ellis Orrall does, indeed, live on the same Nashville street as the former Vice President. In the song, he recalls being robbed and cheated and states that he’s still angry about. Popular-vote Presidential winner Al tells him to get over it.

For once, good advice from the Goracle.


Clint Taylor reviews great conservative country music hits.

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