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California Dem Party Meltdown Over Feinstein Censure Attempt: Beverly Hills 527 Formed by HuffPo/MoveOn Collaborators Leading the Way
"Pre-nursing home."
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The nutroots are unhinged over Calif. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s recent votes to confirm Bush attorney general Michael Mukasey and federal appeals court judge Leslie Southwick. Far left members of the Democrat Party in the Golden State attempted to introduce a censure measure over the weekend. It failed, but the rabid liberal base of the Democrat party has only just begun. The “Courage Campaign” is chaired by a HuffPo radical and counts among its partners, “, Democracy For America, New Progressive Coalition,, CalPIRG, California Nurses Association, Common Cause, Brave New Films and Progressive Majority.” It’s a 527 with a Beverly Hills mailing address, purporting to represent the grass-roots, and it’s promising to be the California Democrats’ worst nightmare.

Here’s the video they posted of the raucous state Dem executive meeting over the weekend:

California Dem party bigwig Bob Mulholland lambasted the MoveOn acolytes as “worse than Bush.” And more:

Mulholland blasted the bloggers and activists supporting the censure resolution as “fringe” and “pre-nursing home”.

“The Democratic party’s purpose is to remind armchair activists that the duty is to elect a Democrat to the White House so we can end the Iraq mess”, he said. “Nothing should get in the way of that.”

Ooh, the nutroots don’t like that “pre-nursing home” insult. Whatever it means.

Let’s hope they keep at each other’s throats. If they’re preoccupied tearing themselves apart, that’s less time and energy they’ll have to hike your taxes, expand government, and undermine our security. Every bit helps.

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