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Sedition in Olympia: Anti-War Mom Drops Baby Human Shield as Anarchist Kiddie Shields Watch
For the children!
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Update 10:15am Eastern 11/16. Five more troop-obstructing thugs were arrested last night. There are more tantrums scheduled today and tomorrow in Olympia and other cities. The vandals have been emboldened. Feel very sorry and afraid for the kiddie human shields.


On Monday, I blogged about the human kiddie shields being used by anti-war thugs in Olympia to block military shipments. This afternoon, an Olympia reader e-mailed some new, exclusive photos and a first-hand report of the mother’s reckless behavior. First, the photos:




The reader, B., works at the Port of Olympia. Here’s what he witnessed:

I work at the port, and have observed some truly mind boggling events unfold, but the most astonishing was the use of children as human shields. The attached pictures were taken on 11/9/07; the night military equipment was first blocked from leaving the port. The Olympia Police Department essentially abandoned any effort to remove the protesters out of fear that a child would be harmed in their efforts to enforce the law. The mother of these children apparently had no such concern.

After the military convoy was forced to retreat, a victory celebration ensued, with chanting dancing, etc. I was horrified to watch as the woman in the attached photograph, distracted by events, allowed her infant to fall from her lap and land, face first on the pavement. The second photo shows her retrieving the crying baby as her other two children, dressed as terrorists look on.

This situation, and another two days later, when dozens of college aged girls were arrayed in rows with arms linked to block the road, showed a deliberate effort to use the same tactics as the terrorist savages who manipulate us, knowing that decent people cannot abide putting innocents in harm’s way. And, while the police were dragging the females away, under the glare of the media’s cameras, the males were establishing rolling blockades; throwing rocks at police and military vehicles; breaking windows, etc.

The whole event had the flavor of a huge mob of children playing some updated version of “Cowboys and Indians” — with live ammo.

He passes along one more item, giving you a glimpse at the moonbattery at left-wing Evergreen State College, which is coddling the thugs obstructing military shipments. B. writes, “This state-funded institution, once a Liberal Arts College, has been subverted to the extent that it has become a regional center for the promotion of anti-social behavior of every imaginable variety. The faculty and facilities of TESC have been pivotal in encouraging the lawlessness overtaking the streets of Olympia. Witness the astonishing e-mail below, inviting rock-throwing thugs to a “therapeutic debriefing” to help them “process traumatic experiences”. State funded!:”

From: Johnson, Leslie

Sent: Wed 11/14/07 13:03

To: All Staff & Faculty DL

Subject: FW: Port demonstration Debrief with Counseling Center staff

—–Original Message—–

From: Johnson, Leslie

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 12:15 PM

To: Gaetz, Gloria

Subject: Port demonstration Debrief with Counseling Center staff

The Counseling Center will be holding a debriefing specifically for TESC students who have been involved The Olympia Port war protest.


The purpose of the debriefing is to provide emotional support and help students process traumatic experiences. This will be a therapeutic setting and as such no media will be present or allowed. If you are aware of a student who was involved in the protest and is having difficulty coping with or processing this experience please encourage them to attend this therapeutic debriefing.

When: Thursday Nov. 15

Time: 6- 8 p.m.

Where: CAB room 108

Leslie Johnson, MSW

Mental Health Therapist

TESC Counseling Center

Ext. 6802

Some of these people most certainly do need mental health counseling. Just not the kind Evergreen State College is giving them…

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