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The NRLC Endorsement
Poll time: What's your reaction?
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Word around the right side of the blogosphere, Politico, and Fox News is that the National Right to Life Committee will endorse Fred Thompson tomorrow.

Ramesh Ponnuru muses: “So is this the first time the NRLC has endorsed a presidential candidate who opposed a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution? (Romney supports it.)”

Must be part of that “maturing” thing.

OK, quick poll:


What’s your reaction to Fred’s NRLC endorsement?
What the…?!?!??!


See-Dubya in comments below: “Fred’s pro-life, always voted that way, and thinks Roe v. Wade is unconstitutional and poorly reasoned, so he wants to overturn it and return the decision to the states. It’s a conservative, incremental position that he actually seems committed to acting on. I’m not surprised at the endorsement.”


FWIW, here’s the NRLC flyer on the candidates’ positions on life (click for full-size):



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