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Video: David Obey Said What?
A surge of idiocy.
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Update: Don Surber’s take:

“Running out of people to kill” is also called victory.



The news that thousands of Iraqis have returned home to a safer capital in the wake of the surge seems to have deepened the derangement of some unhinged Dems. Searching for an explanation of the post-surge drop in violence, Democrat Rep. David Obey came up with a nutroots-certified doozy: “They [he means our American troops*..SEE UPDATE BELOW] are running out of people to kill.” Maybe he read it on the Daily Kos:

Amanda Carpenter at reports:

The man who controls the House purse strings to fund the war in Iraq said the President’s “surge” was showing recent signs of success because U.S. soldiers have “run out of people to kill.”

“One of the reason we’ve had incidents of violence, sectarian violence go down is because they are running out of people to kill,” said the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Rep. David Obey (D.-Wisc.) at a National Press Club luncheon Monday afternoon.

“They’ve killed so many in so many areas, that there are fewer opportunity targets, if you want to put it that way, for each side,” Obey said. “I welcome any reduction in the level in violence for whatever reasons it occurs, but I don’t think that tells us much for what the future is going to be.”

Obey’s remarks were prompted by a question that asked, “Some Republicans say the casualties are going down in Iraq, there seems to be signs the surge is working. Do you think that is true?”

I repeat: “One of the reason we’ve had incidents of violence, sectarian violence go down is because they are running out of people to kill.”

Way to support the troops, Rep. Obey.


*UPDATE: Some commenters think Obey is talking about sectarian militias, as opposed to our troops. I think that’s a reasonable interpretation. However, the idea that “they,” whichever “they” Obey is referring to, have “run out of people to kill,” is still inexplicably bizarre.

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