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Why Is Norman Hsu Stalling?
Waiting for a "more hospitable environment?"
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Is Norman Hsu banking on Hillary becoming president and letting him skate? The New York Daily News seems to suggest as much:

Gaunt and glancing nervously at reporters, disgraced Democratic moneyman Norman Hsu appeared in a California court yesterday and agreed to spend another 10 weeks behind bars while his lawyers do “research.”

The surprise delay raised eyebrows because Hsu’s lawyers had filed motions asking the court to refund the $2 million bail he skipped out on in September and toss his 1992 fraud conviction altogether…

…Columbia law Prof. Daniel Richman said California and New York authorities could be in “some sort of negotiation toward a global resolution” of Hsu’s cases.

“It might also serve [Hsu’s] purposes to stall until the presidential campaign is over,” Richman said.

“It’s not because the federal charges will go away, but it might be a more hospitable environment.

The next hearing has been delayed until Jan. 4.

The San Mateo County Times reports:

Brosnahan did not offer a reason for the delay, and the prosecutor, Supervising Deputy California Attorney General Ron Smetana, also declined to discuss the subject.

Both attorneys refused to address speculation that a plea deal — covering both Hsu’s San Mateo County case and criminal charges filed in federal court in New York in September — was in the works.

But asked whether Hsu’s defense motions stood a chance before a San Mateo County Superior Court judge, Smetana replied outside of court Friday, “I expect the motions to be denied.”

For one thing, Hsu shouldn’t ben-efit from his flight from justice, even if he was hiding in plain sight, said Smetana. That would “stand the criminal justice system on its head,” he wrote in court documents.

He added on Friday that Hsu’s request to be sentenced by his original judge, now retired, seemed just as unlikely.

“It seems inappropriate to allow a defendant to flee and then come back and say, ‘I’m back, where’s my judge?'” he said.

Yup, that’s real Hsu-tzpah.

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