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Pornified: It Ain't Just on Halloween
All around the stripper pole.
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Update 6:30pm Eastern: Uncle Jimbo chronicled the Mad City Freakfest, Halloween Booty Edition. Coming to grade-school children in a town near you…


mackdaddy.jpg Shopping at Party City last week for my toddler, I saw a “Mack Daddy,” blinged-up costume for three-year-olds (!!!) amid the Diego and Thomas the Train outfits. Mercifully, my son was too distracted choosing Ninja Warrior gear to ask me what exactly a “Mack Daddy” was. This Washington Post piece on the travails of Halloween shopping has become a staple every October: Parents express outrage at pornified costumes. Girls pout at fuddy-duddy parents. Social critics bemoan oversaturation of sexed-up teens, pre-teens, and tots. Collapse of civilization continues.

But this sleaze isn’t limited to Halloween. It happens at prom season and every season in between. And it’s happening at younger and younger ages. I talked about the phenomenon here with my good friend and anti-pornification crusader Laura Ingraham, who focuses on the problem in her book and radio show. My Girls Gone Wild archive has more.

The latest horror is on exhibit on E! Entertainment network. The newest Paris Hilton knock-off and sex kitten, Kim Kardashian, has a family reality show in which her 9- and 11-year-old sisters have been put on weekly display wearing stiletto heels, mimicking “Girls Gone Wild,” and twirling around a stripper pole in their parents’ bedroom. Their father is Olympic star Bruce Jenner:

Keeping Up With the Kardashians – Kylie Works The Pole
Uploaded by TheDlisted

In this video, the underage girls pretend to flash their stepbrother and his manager friend, who videotapes them parading around the pole:

Keeping Up With the Kardashians – Girls Gone Wild

Unbelievably, Jenner and his wife give other parents advice on rearing children and reining in wild girls.


Instead of cackling in their beds and treating the exploitation of their daughter as a joke, they ought to grow up and set those young girls straight before it’s too late.


E! network, which broadcasts the Kardashian reality show, is owned by Comcast Entertainment Group.

Contact info:

E! Entertainment and Style Network

Sarah Goldstein

Senior Vice President of Public Relations

Phone: 323-692-4552

[email protected]

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