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Mischief Night: Democrat Debate at 9pm Eastern, All Claws Out for Hillary; Update: Obama, Edwards Meekly Swat at Hillary; Update: First "Impeach Bush" Orgasm; Update: Will Obama Pledge to Stop Iran from Building a Nuclear Bomb? No, He's Worried About Civil Liberties; Update: Hillary Pillories Edwards' Code Pinko Rhetoric; Update: Russert Challenges Hillary on Secret National Archives Documents, First Hillary Stumble; Update: Biden Attacks Giuliani as "Least Qualified Person to Run for President Since George Bush"
Spine-chilling anticipation.
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Update 10:25pm Eastern. We’ve run the Social Security, energy, and environment gauntlets.

Vid highlights will be here.

Here’s the Chris Dodd campaign talk-o-meter:

Update 10:00pm Eastern. Joe Biden launches a grenade against Rudy Giuliani. “Least qualified person to run for president since George Bush.” “I’m not running against Hillary, I’m running for leader of the free world. Looking forward to running against Rudy.” I negotiated the START agreement! Biden cracks that Rudy can only form a sentence with “noun, verb, and 9/11.” (loud applause).

The Democrats are afraid of Rudy.

Update 9:53pm Eastern. Bill Richardson changes Halloween costumes. Now, he’s a chivalrous knight defending Hillary Clinton’s honor. Implores other candidates not to impugn her character. And…he’s back to Superman: “I’ve been a hostage negotiator.” “I trust Hillary Clinton, though I don’t agree with her on every issues…We need to stay positive.”

Um: No applause.

This is entertaining! Chris Dodd now jabs at John Edwards’ hypocritical attacks on Hillary for accepting special-interest money.

Edwards: “Nobody is pure. Certainly not me.”

Kucinich jabs at the hypocrisy of hedge-fund beneficiary John Edwards.

Update 9:43pm Eastern. Back from the break. Williams asks Hillary to answer Rudy Giuliani’s jibe that Hillary has no experience running anything. Her answer is weak because, of course, she has no answer. She cites her experience as Big Nanny operative on “both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue.” Russert follow-up: Would you allow the National Archives to release the docs of your communications with the president? Russert notes Clinton request not to release until 2012. Hillary: “They are releasing things as they do their process.” But President Clinton specifically asked to ban the disclosure. “Not my decision to make.”

Obama smells blood, goes on the attack, time for Obama For Change! “We’ve just gone through the most secretive administration in history…this is a problem.” “Republicans are obsessed with you, Hillary, because that’s a fight they are comfortable having.” Looks like Obama grew a little spine during the commercial break.

Edwards’ ears must be clogged. Maybe with his hair clippings. He just jumped in…to repeat everything Obama just said.

Update 9:35pm Eastern. The more Obama opens his mouth, the more lightweight he’s becoming tonight.

Edwards appeals to the Code Pinkos. He pushes aggressively for ending combat missions in his first year in office. Edwards razzes Clinton for moving from primary mode to general mode. “We need to be in tell the truth mode.”

Hillary: “How do you pursue al Qaeda without engaging them in combat?” “I’m for bringing the troops home, but it’s going to be complicated and it’s going to take time. We’ll have troops guarding the embassy, pursuing al Qaeda, etc.” Bats down Edwards’ simplistic, Sheehan-esque call for complete withdrawal.

Have to say it: She is looking solid and grown-up. The men are nervous, small, and nutty.

Fright Night, indeed.

Update 9:32pm Eastern. Another Kucinich nutroots exclamation. He chastises the media for “ratcheting up the rhetoric” for nuclear war. See, when he gets that Department of Peace up and running, peace and harmony will take hold and everyone will drop their weapons.

Update 9:30pm Eastern. Bill Richardson’s Halloween costume tonight is Superman. He “went head to head with Saddam Hussein” and rescued prisoners from Abu Ghraib AND got North Korea to shut down a nuclear reactor.

Update 9:23pm Eastern. Kucinich injects some nutroots-y flavor: “The war in Iraq is illegal. We need to impeach Bush!” (audience applause).

Russert wants everyone to pledge that Iran will not build a nuke bomb under his/her watch. Hill: “I’ll pledge to do everything in my power to prevent them from building it.” Obama wants to talk about civil liberties being undermined.

Update 9:15pm Eastern. At the 15-minute mark, Hillary Clinton looks frightfully strong and unscathed. Feckless Democrats.

Obama was asked about what his “red line” threshold would be on Iran, and he punted on the question. We should be “reaching out aggressively” to our allies and “talking to our enemies” directly. Obama wants to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran and put WTO membership for Iran on the table.

Hillary: “The Revolutionary Guard is deeply involved in the commercial activities in Iran. We need carrots AND sticks.” Brian Williams: What is your red line? Hillary: “Full-court press on diplomacy.” Williams isn’t going to get his question answered.

Silky Pony (he has a new haircut, BTW): Gives his moonbatty, BDS lecture about “standing up to Bush…We have no intention of letting Bush invade Iraq.” Edwards uses the word “neocon” six times in a minute. NEOCON NEOCON NEOCON. Edwards rattles the tinfoil, accuses Bush of rattling the sabre.

Richardson (yeah, he’s still in, hanging on for that veep slot): Claims he’s the only one who has negotiated with foreign countries. Three of the Dems chime in “That’s not true!” We “need to talk” to our enemies. Um,

Update 9:11pm Eastern. Russert to Chris Dodd – You said this was an authorization for war with Iran. “This will come back to haunt us.”

Update 9:00pm Eastern. Now, Tim Russert gives it a try, asking Hillary about her vote for the Kyl amendment on Iran preparedness. “I’m not for a rush for war, but neither am I for doing nothing…It’s an expression of support for economic sanctions.” Points out that Durbin supported it. Non-binding resolution.

Update 9:06pm Eastern. Edwards takes his shot at Hillary. It’s a little stronger than Obama. But not by much. Edwards is focusing on Iran. We have to stand up to this president. Bush, not Ahmadinejad. “I think the American people deserve someone they know who will tell them the truth.” Stands behind calling her a double-talker.

Again, Hillary is unflappable. “I’ve been standing up for children’s health…etc…been taking them on for many years.” Snort. She’s talking about fiscal responsibility. The men are looking very small right now. She’s not distracted by their rhetorical mosquito bites.

Update 9:02pm Eastern. Brian Williams jumps right into it, going to Obama with the first question pegged to his comments to the NYTimes about his plan to be more aggressive with Hillary.

Obama WIMPS out? Claims that the tension between him and Hillary has been “overhyped.” Ok, here we go. Obama hesistantly attacks her for changing positions on torture and Iraq. He seems nervous.

Hill response: I don’t think the Republicans have gotten the message that I stand with them. Brags about last week’s GOP debate targeting her. I have been standing against the Republicans and I think Democrats know that.

That was an anti-climax.


The latest Democrat presidential debate begins at 9pm tonight on MSNBC. Two hours of left-wing family feuding.

Will anyone bring up Hill’s Chinatown dirt?

Will Obama have the audacity to rib Joe Biden over his somewhat clumsy comments about inner-city students in D.C.?

Will Dennis Kucinich do his puppet dance and challenge Obama to bust his moves?

Will John Edwards go all Elizabeth Edwards on Hill?

Will the Truthers come out to play?

Who will question KooKucinich’s mental health?

Mischief Night draws nigh. Stay tuned…Allah will have any clip-worthy vid highlights here.


Speaking of ghouls, looks like Ralph Nader is suing the Democrat Party for conspiracy to deny him votes in the 2004 presidential election. Bwahahahahaha.

Blogger Chris Roberts is on scene at Drexel U. and will be liveblogging the action (or inaction).

Hillary counter-attacks the attackers for attacking.

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