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Report: USS Cole Bombing Suspect in Custody
Is Yemen playing games?
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Last week, the wires reported that USS Cole bombing suspect Jamal al-Badawi had been freed by Yemen after “pledging loyalty to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.”

Now, US officials say al-Badawi’s in detention:

The United States said on Monday it had confirmed that a man convicted over the al Qaeda bombing of the U.S. Navy ship Cole in 2000 was still in prison in Yemen despite reports of his release.

U.S. officials were troubled by reports last week that Jamal Badawi had been released from prison, saying he should remain in jail and putting on hold plans to give the country a $20.6 million grant.

“We were able to physically confirm today the presence of Jamal Badawi at a prison in Aden,” said U.S. State Department spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos. Earlier, the State Department said it did not know where Badawi was.

Here’s all the Badawi blogging you need to read.

Jane’s assessment stands: “All they do is play games.”

Update: More on Badawi at Captain’s Journal.

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