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The Democrats' FISA Debacle; Update: New Deal in the Works?
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Update: Andy McCarthy points to signs of a new Senate FISA deal.


Question of the night comes from Paul Mirengoff at Power Line in the wake of the Democrats’ withdrawal of their flawed FISA obstruction legislation:

My question is: how did the Democrats sink to a place where they place pandering to left-wing constituencies and sticking it to the president ahead of the safety of Americans, including American GIs? Tonight, more than a few “moderate” congressional Dems are probably wondering the same thing.

USA Today reports:

Republicans successfully maneuvered to derail a Democratic government eavesdropping bill Wednesday, delaying a House vote until next week at the earliest.

The bill, which seeks to expand court oversight of government surveillance in the United States, fell victim to a gambit by the chamber’s Republican minority. Democrats were forced to pull the bill from the House floor with no certainty about how it might be revived.

A Democratic staff member said the bill will not be rewritten but substantive amendments may be allowed when it finally does come up for a vote, which is the Democrats’ intention.

The earliest that could happen is next week, as Thursday the House will be busy with an attempt to override a presidential veto of a children’s health care bill.

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