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Crazy Cynthia McKinney Heads West
Run! Cynthia! Run!
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Here’s your Wednesday afternoon snort-inducer. The Associated Press reports that Cynthia McKinney has registered to vote in California, seeking Greener pastures for a possible presidential bid:

Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has registered to vote in California, where some want her to run for president as a Green Party candidate.

McKinney posted a letter on her Web site last month saying she has no interest in the Green Party nomination. But in recent weeks, she has appeared at fundraisers in California, where a group called Run! Cynthia! Run! is trying to draft her as the party’s candidate in California.

McKinney’s name already is on the ballot in California, along with six other Green Party candidates, including Ralph Nader. She and the others were nominated by a Green Party convention in September.

The fact that McKinney’s name remains on the ballot has given supporters hope, said John Morton, a California Green Party delegate.

“She’s got us all guessing, but she hasn’t removed her name, and that’s a good sign. I talked to her last week and she said she’s very interested but not ready to make an announcement.”

Her location of registration? Marin County, naturally.

Ed Morrissey cheers crazy Cynthia on:

Oh, please, please, please, I’m begging you Green Party advocates, get Cynthia to sign on the dotted (and dotty) line. Please have her run as a third-party candidate for the Greens. Let her stand up in the debates and give her conspiracy-theory tirades and her tortured explanations for assaulting the people trying to secure Capitol Hill on her behalf. We can even give her father some screen time to explain how the Joooooooos are out to get her.

Seconding that nomination…

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