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Joy-Less Behar's Health Care Analysis
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There was an infantile, pea-flinging discussion of the Graeme Frost case on the Real Time with Bill Maher show last night. Blogger Ms. Underestimated sent word that the classy Joy Behar–a comedian or something–offered her penetrating analysis of why I’m focusing more on opposing middle-class entitlement expansion than stopping the Iraq war.

If you can’t stand the blather, just forward to 2:53 into the segment of the video here. Behar’s side-splitting punchline about me:

“Because she’s a selfish bitch, probably.”


Allahpundit: “The one nice thing about leftist-approved attacks like this is that they reset the bar for what constitutes civilized political discourse. File “selfish bitch” away somewhere safe for future use.”

More here.

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