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Rumor: Democrat Mayor of Atlantic City, Still Missing, to Resign Over Phony Military Claims
South Jersey's own Jesse MacBeth.
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boblevy.jpg The Atlantic City Press, my hometown newspaper, has been all over the story of Democrat AC mayor Bob Levy–accused phony military benefits claimant and Special Forces fraudster. Levy disappeared from public view 12 days ago. The city has no clue on his whereabouts. The Crush Rush Democrats are silent on the matter. Here’s the latest twist in the story of South Jersey’s own Jesse MacBeth:

The possible whereabouts of Atlantic City Mayor Bob Levy continue to make national news, including top billing Saturday on AOL’s list of news stories, fueling additional media focus on his mysterious absence.

Major news organizations such as Fox News and NPR also are planning coverage into next week.

Levy vanished from public life Sept. 26, the day he signed seven ordinances and city officials said he transferred power to city Business Administrator Domenic Cappella. Officials, his family and his lawyer have refused to say where he is, claiming privacy regulations that experts say do not apply.

Levy’s disappearance came amid resignation rumors tied to an ongoing federal investigation into military decorations and whether the military allowed Levy to claim benefits to which he was otherwise unentitled.

In November, the 20-year Army veteran admitted to The Press of Atlantic City that he was never a member of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, despite years of claims that included his 2005 campaign.

In January, The Press reported that federal investigators were probing his records.

The AC Press downplays Levy’s political affiliation, noting that he switched parties from Republican to Democrat in 2004. Newsflash: A D is a D is a D.

The NYTimes takes 13 paragraphs before mentioning Levy’s political affiliation. (hat tip- JWF.)

Meanwhile, Fox News reports:

Speculation is rampant that Atlantic City Mayor Robert Levy will resign this week. A city official who does not want to be named told FOX News that Levy’s departure could come on Tuesday or Wednesday.

But state Sen. James Sonny McCullough said he has been given no indication that Levy will quit.

Levy called in sick to work a week and half ago and has since disappeared. With his resignation, “this circus will come to an end,” the official said.

Oh, I doubt that.


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