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Miller-Sponsored, Miller-Approved: the Folsom Street Fair, Uncovered
Breaking taboos.
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Drink up, get spanked, get naked!

Undercover Internet photojournalist Zombie, a brave, brave, soul, was at the Miller Lite-approved Folsom Street Fair last weekend. Zombie did the publishing of explicit photographs that no one else will do, breaking the MSM taboo. (Be warned: It’s not safe for work, not safe on a full stomach, and not really safe for home unless you are prepared for some really nasty stuff. Also: the page takes a while to load.) Note that Zombie was there less than hour:

I was at the fair for less than an hour altogether — not much more than 45 minutes. And in that short amount of time, I took all the photos you see here. Yet the fair was an all-day event, and lasted from 11am to 6pm — seven hours. So, one can extrapolate that a great deal more must have gone on that I did not record. What you see here is just a small random sample of what happened that day.

Here’s one of the tamer photos:


You’ll have to go to Zombie’s to find out what happened after the dog mask-muzzled guy on the sidewalk is forced to eat “food” from the dog dish.


Were kids there this year? Does Miller care?

I encourage you to send Zombie’s report to Miller Lite, proud sponsor of the leather/bondage orgy, dungeon beds, casual public masturbation, public oral sex, and public erection competitions.

Yeah. Swell.

Contact Miller Lite’s public relations spokesman Julian Green at [email protected]



There is a hilarious warning on the Miller Brewing website:

You may not post or transmit to this Web site any unlawful, pornographic, obscene, profane, defamatory, libelous, threatening or otherwise objectionable material.

So you’re not allowed to send photos to Miller of the public sex scenes at the Folsom Street orgy that Miller sponsored.




I’m not one who tends to believe boycotts are a good idea. But I’m also not inclined to support a company that sponsors events such as the Folsom Street Fair. The fact that it’s a primarily gay event is irrelevant – in their sponsorship of this fair, Miller is supporting public indecency. Public heterosexual contact would be just as offensive.

Miller Brewing Company is free to continue spending their money where they wish, but those who use their product are just as free to limit that company’s profits.

Newcastle, anyone?


Reader Jim M. forwards an e-mail he sent to Miller’s parent company:

To: [email protected]

Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 8:49 PM

Subject: Folsom Sponsorship

To: Mr. Nigel Fairbrass

Mr. Fairbrass:

As an investor in many companies across the globe, I was particularly alarmed to note your organization’s sponsorship of a alternative lifestyle sado-machoist event in the San Francisco area.


The first indication that something was amiss was the depiction of Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” as a gay S&M bacchanal, complete with appropriate leather adornments and environmentally unfriendly plastic sexual aids. Despite protests lodged regarding your sponsorship of the event, the sponsorship proceeded.

Here is a website documenting but a small part of one person’s experience at the event:

I urge you to review the pictures, since this is what SABMiller supported. In addition to the gleeful participants, there were very young children in attendance as well as reports of underage participation.

I would appreciate your thoughts on why SAB deems this function to be worth of corporate sponsorship. Reviewing your website and the causes you claim to support, I have a hard time understanding why SAB would find The Folsom event consistent with its corporate goals and worthy of its “proud sponsorship”.

I will await your response before I begin alerting my investment advisers to dump any and all SAB holdings.



From Jim M.:

Miller is a subsidiary of a South African Brewer listed on the London and Japan Stock Exchanges:

Here is the list of media contacts at their parent company:

Head of Media Relations Nigel Fairbrass

Telephone: +44-20-7659-0105

Mobile: +44-7799-894-265

Corporate Media Relations Manager Victoria McNamee

Telephone: +44 20 7659 0172

Mobile: +44-7713-246-957

Media Relations Executive

Briony Gilbert

Telephone: +44-20-7659-0115

Email: [email protected]

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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