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Ward Churchill Rides Again
Loons, goons, and maroons.
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Via Slapstick Politics, we have word that the looniest professor is back on campus for an unsanctioned class at the University of Colorado:

Former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill on Tuesday began what he told students would become a series of classes held at the school despite being fired from his position in July.

Churchill elicited applause and handshakes from the majority of the 30 or so CU students and area residents who came to hear his lecture, which he titled “ReVisioning American History: Colonization, Genocide and Formation of the U.S. Settler State.”

Churchill, who did not allow the Camera to attend the class, said the group would come up with various topics to discuss.

“I’ve been invited by people who are concerned with content of the mind,” Churchill said.

Thuggish as ever, Churchill’s goons engaged in some trademark roughhousing:

Two men who identified themselves as event organizers turned away three male CU students at the door, calling them “agitators.”

One of the men watching the door, who did not give his name, became physical with a Camera reporter who tried to enter the room — grabbing his arm and pushing him — prompting a report to police.

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